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The following pages have been added newly or substantially revised during the year 2000 at the following dates:

December 23, 2000
The first chapter was added to the online text of Dr. Campbell's The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science. In the series Second looks at Common Muslim Assumptions, we added Part II: Equality for All in the Ummah? Three more rebuttals to Akbarally Meherally's attacks on the Bible (*, *, *).

November 4, 2000
A closer look at the common Muslim catch phrase "Islam is a complete way of life" is Part I of the new series Second looks at Common Muslim Assumptions. Various articles have been added to the Malay and Indonesian and the French language section. The book The Qur'an in Islam is a short investigation into the variant readings of the Quranic text. Lactantius responds to Abdullah ibn Adam's regarding his response to the paper on Embryology in the Qur'an.

October 16, 2000
The first item will be quite controversial, even among Christians, but evaluate the evidence for yourself: Walid's new book Israel and the World's Mock Trial offers lots of food for thought, particularly in the current political situation. Moreover, Part B was added to Hughes' Dictionary of Islam. Announcement: This week, October 17th, a big Muslim-Christian debate is going to take place which can even be followed live on the internet.

September 26, 2000
Two more chapters (*,*) of Dr. Campbell's book The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science. Sam Shamoun applies Shabir Ally's own criteria in his investigation Is the Quran the Word of God?.

September 6, 2000
A commentary on the Song of Songs, an extensive update of our French subsite, and the book Judaism and Islam by Abraham Geiger.

August 16, 2000
More material added to the section on "Sources of the Qur'an": Abraham and the Idols - the Jewish source to the story. The account of The Ten Wise Jews. Syriac words in the Qur'an are examined in detail by Alphonse Mingana in the article Syriac Influence on the Style of the Kur'an. Three more articles by the same author on the development of the quranic text and variant readings in different manuscripts: An Important Old Turki Manuscript in the John Rylands Library, Notes upon some of the Kuranic Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library, An Ancient Syriac Translation of the Kuran Exhibiting New Verses and Variants.

August 5, 2000
Raymund Lull, First Missionary to the Moslems by Samuel Zwemer is a book about a fascinating man showing us what true missions is about. Part 2 of Sam Shamoun's response to Shabir Ally's Misunderstood Verses of the Bible. An extension/update on the claim that King Offa converted to Islam. A new Turkish devotional. Book reviews of Called from Islam to Christ by Jean-Marie Gaudeul.

July 22, 2000
Index of Hadith (complete Sahih al-Bukhari, partial Sahih Muslim). Heirs of the Prophet by Samuel Zwemer and The Life of Mahomet, Volume II by Sir William Muir.

July 7, 2000
A harmony of the resurrection accounts. Sam Shamoun discusses The Quranic View of Christians - Fellow Believers or Unbelieving Polytheists? and responds to M. Ghounem about The Gospel of John. Two more chapters in Walid's book and several new articles in the Malay and Indonesian language section.

June 29, 2000
James L. Barton: Foundations of Belief and Practice, Mohammedan and Christian Conceptions of God, The Christian Message to Moslems, Inadequacy of Islam, Spread of Islam. Sam Shamoun discusses Dr. Jamal Badawi's Seven Wonders of the Qur'an.

May 29, 2000
A fragment of a dialogue between an Emir and a Monk, AD 1698. Another response to Shabir Ally's Some Misunderstood Verses of the Bible Explained. Two new conversion stories by Sinur and Tarmizi. A major update of the Malay and Indonesian section. W. St. Clair-Tisdall's book The Sources of Islam.

May 7, 2000
New entries to the Comparative Index are: Bricks, Samarkand Codex, Al-`Aziz, 'Azra'il, and Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini, a clarification on the term Mohammedan; Mohammedanism as well as a link to a new web site with the same name in the section of Christian sites on Islam. A response to The Qur'an and Rain, starting a section of Responses to Mohamed Ghounem, and adding further rebuttals to Shabir Ally's claims: Paul Believed that Jesus is not God and an examination of Shabir Ally's Favorite Questions.

April 13, 2000
For the occasion of today's debate between Shabir Ally and Sam Shamoun, here is a major update in the section of responses to Shabir Ally: Reflections on Shabir Ally's debate tactics, including his Misuse of Bruce M. Metzger's Writings, a response to his analysis of the debate between Ally and Storkey, rebuttals to various of his online articles regarding Qur'an and Science (*, *, *), other claims for the Qur'an (*, *), and his newest attacks on the deity of Jesus Christ (*, *, *, *), and the Bible.

April 1, 2000
The Unique Oneness of God! An interesting implication of Jesus' statement in Luke 14:26, and No one is good except God? (Luke 18:19). Regarding the challenge of the Qur'an: "Suras-like-it" from other scriptures (mainly Hindu). Various new or updated entries in the Index on Abrogation, The Myth of God Incarnate, Sir William Muir, Samuel Zwemer, Dr. Jamal Badawi, and the Subject-Object Dilemma of Islamic theology.

March 27, 2000
A new Index entry on Suicide, the link to Muhammed and the Bible was added to the section What the Quran says about the Bible. An update of Dr. Hahn's article on the Satanic Verses and the addition of his response to Saifullah & Co. on the same issue.

March 22, 2000
Sir William Muir wrote a monumental biography on the life of Muhammad, which we hope to make available on this site in its entirety. The first volume of The Life of Mahomet is now completed. Furthermore, there have been various additions to the Indonesian and Malay section, the dialogue Le Messie in the French section, more chapters of Walid's Dear Muslim, let me tell you why I believed, two new entries in the Tafsir section (*, *), and an article looking at the Muslim claim that Deuteronomy 33:2 speaks of Muhammad.

March 3, 2000
Does Goodness live in you? - where do we get the power to do good and be good? The meaning of Arabic term al-Masih and The Messiah = The Son of God - an explanation of those two titles and their relationship. Several testimonies were added in the Malay language (Aishah Yahya, Audio: Jamilah) as part of the redesigned Malay subsite. Can "Modern Science" be found in the Qur’an? - why the whole argument is fallacious.

February 26, 2000
Added dictionary entries on the issues of lying (taqiyya, kithman), Pharaoh, and the Muslim historian Al-Kalbi as well as the English translation of his Kitab al-Asnam (The Book of Idols). The Shabir Ally rebuttal page has been updated, and A. Meherally's most Tangible and Perceivable *CONCLUSIVE PROOF* was given a response of equal weight. Added various links in the When Islam rules... section.

February 19, 2000
Abd al-Masih ibn Ishaq al-Kindi wrote his apology of the Christian faith to Abdallah ibn Ismaîl al-Hashimi while serving in the court of the Caliph Al-Mamûn in approximately the year A.H. 215 (A.D. 830). His reasoning is as relevant today as it was then. We can learn much from the old masters.

January 26, 2000
Al-`Aziz & Potiphar is the newest rebuttal to Islamic Awareness, this time in regard to an issue hardly anyone would ever have known about if Saifuallah & Co. hadn't brought it out of obscurity. We added also Muhammad's letter to the Julanda Brothers of Oman, and various new stories from converts: Joseph, and Naz in English, Malika in French, and the German translation of the testimony of Hatice, starting off the German subsite. The first three sections of Walid's book Dear Muslim, let me tell you why I believed have been updated.

Articles newly added in 1999.

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