John Hick's Myth of God Incarnate and his subsequent essays entitled Incarnation Myth: The Debate Continued, are sources often cited by Muslim apologists, most notably Jamal Badawi as evidence against Christian teachings concerning the Divinity of Jesus Christ.

John Hick spends:

"a great deal more time ASSUMING that the incarnation is a falsehood and explaining how the idea came about than actually explaining WHY the incarnation is a falsehood in and of itself! The authors repeatedly assert that the incarnation concept is "unintellgible" but more often than not fail to explain why; when they DO attempt an explanation on the rare occassion, it is marred by fundamental errors of understanding and logic, often descending into the very anthropomorphism they so decry among incarnationists." Source

Muslims (such as Jamal Badawi) who use this argument stumble over the very assumptions on which the argument is built without realizing that their desire to grab something [anything] to attack Christianity also undermines the Islamic beliefs that they are attempting to promote. For example, Hick argues that God is so utterly transcendent that no Word can ever be received from Him. This premise leads to the rejection of the incarnation as being either absurd or incoherent, as well as the rejection of the Qur'an's claim to be the Word of God. However the core premise of this argument is itself fundamentally flawed since it assumes that the Creator cannot communicate with His creation.

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