What's New On "Answering Islam" ?

The following pages have been added newly or substantially revised during 1999 at the following dates:

December 31, 1999
Continuing to make our rebuttal pages more userfriendly... this time it is the turn of Islamic Awareness, which also received various new rebuttal articles: a response to the issue of logical fallacies in the Qur'an, a response to Refutation Of The So-Called Contradictions In The Qur'n vis-a-vis Earlier Revelation, one to Is The Bible In Our Hands The Same As During The Time Of Muhammad?, and one to On The Transmitters Of Isr'liyyt (Judeo-Christian Material), as well as two rebuttals regarding the grammar argument, and other claims in answer to their article on the Qur'an contradiction "Will Jesus burn in Hell?". Two new articles on further issues regarding the Quranic view of Jesus, and the Biblical testimony of Jesus were also added. Samuel Green's response to Dr. Jamal Badawi's Jesus In The Qur'an and The Bible was completely reworked and several others of his articles slightly updated (*, *, *)

December 13, 1999
In Quest of Truth by Dr. Deshmukh. Three rebuttal articles to Saifullah's Islamic Awareness team regarding The Sacrifice of Abraham: Isaac or Ishmael, the question Are there early Hadith?, and the issue of The Satanic Verses. More reflections on Is Allah the God of the Bible? and the issue of Muhammad's endorsment of and participation in idolaterous practices. The A. Meherally rebuttal pages have been restructured and received a hopefully more userfriendly look.

December 2, 1999
The complete book The Influence of Animism on Islam by Samuel Zwemer, fifteen more rebuttals to Dr. Jamal Badawi (regarding his series Prophethood and The Qur'an: Ultimate Miracle). Two more articles by Sam Shamoun: The Days of Creation in the Quran: Literal or Indefinite Periods of Time? and Jesus in the Rabbinic Traditions, and two more responses by him to A. Meherally (*, *).

November 19, 1999
A Word to the Wise: Being a defence of the "Sources of Islam" by W. St. Clair Tisdall in response to two Muslim reactions to his book. Several more parts in the online debate between A. Meherally and Sam Shamoun ([4], [5], [6], [7]) about the sacrifice of Abraham's son, as well as a response to Shabir Ally's Six Days of Creation or Six Periods?

November 12, 1999
John Gilchrist's Nuzul-I-Isa: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a rebuttal to Shabir Ally's article Who really is the Parakletos? and a comparison of the qur'anic story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba with the version from the Jewish Targums.

October 30, 1999
Two new contributers: A study of the word "love" in the Qur'an by Farid Mahally starts a new section on "Themes of the Qur'an". Reasons for Why I am a Christian are given by Warren Larson. The Quranic Witness to Biblical Authority was updated substantially, nine more rebuttals to Dr. Jamal Badawi were added, two more responses to A. Meherally's deception charge (*, *), and one further rebuttal to Shabir Ally (*). An addition to the French subsite (*), and a list of 11 more contradictions in the Qur'an (*). Emergence of Islam in the African-American Community and Arabs and Slave Trade from ReachOut Magazin.

October 16, 1999
We now make available the complete book The Original Sources of the Qur'an by Rev. W. St. Clair Tisdall. A strong rebuttal to "Is The Qur'an's Story Of Solomon & Sheba From The Jewish Targum?" being Saifullah's denial of legendary sources and personal attack on Tisdall, as well as a response to A. Meherally's deception charge (*). Furthermore, the next chapter from the French edition of Dr. Campbell's book The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science was added.

October 13, 1999
A large number of updates on the Malay site, the comprehensive A Christian Defense of the Gospel to the Muslims, The New Testament Documents and the Historicity of the Resurrection, and Jesus As The Way, The Truth, And The Life : An Examination of John 14:6 In Light Of Muslim Claims. Eight more additions to the rebuttals to Badawi's Radio Islam teaching series (the last eight links), and a continuation of the discussion about angel and jinn contradiction in the Qur'an (1, 2, 3).

September 23, 1999
Responses to Saifullah's "rebuttals" regarding Qur'an contradictions (*, *), two more responses to Shabir Ally regarding Qur'an and science (*, *), and a response to an article claiming the Bible teaches a flat earth world view. Theological reflections on the relationship of the sinfulness of man to the incarnation of the Son of God, and our assurance of salvation.

September 15, 1999
Dozens of additions and revisions in the rebuttals to Badawi's Radio Islam teaching series. Response to the Islamic Awareness article on "borrowing in the Qur'an", i.e. the issue of sources to Qur'anic stories, and another response to Shabir Ally (*).

September 13, 1999
Added Part III of Sam Shamoun's response to Dr. Jamal Badawi's Jesus in the Qur'an, several rebuttals to Shabir Ally (1, 2, 3), and a follow up to M. Ghoniem's reply to Sam Shamoun (a rebuttal of a rebuttal of a rebuttal?). Furthermore, the newsgroup discussion of the article "Mohammed claimed to be a warner only for Arabia" led to a few more observations and entries into the section "Qur'an Versions" (1, 2, 3, 4).

September 9, 1999
Investigation: Who was the crucified One? An addition to the converts testimonies. Start of a new section on the rights of non-Muslims under Islamic law. Several rebuttal articles to Muhammad Ghoniem of Islamic Awareness (1, 2), A. Meherally (*), and Shabir Ally (*).

August 9, 1999
The Cornerstone: Jesus or Muhammad, seven new testimonies of conversion (*, *, *, *, *, *, *), and further additions to the rebuttal pages responding to Shabir Ally (*) and Akbarally Meherally (*). Last but not least, I am interested in feedback by Arab speakers on the article Mohammed claimed to be a warner only for Arabia.

July 25, 1999
The extensively revised new edition of Embryology in the Qur'an. An overview page for articles on What the Qur'an and Muslim traditions says about the Bible was added, Samuel Green's A Reply to: Muhammad in the Bible by Dr. Jamal Badawi was updated, and the same author contributed the new article Jesus: Foretold by the Prophets!, and a further testimony of conversion.

July 22, 1999
The Crucifixion of Christ - A Christian Critique of the Quran, two more testimonies from The True Path (*, *), and ten more rebuttals added to Dr. Jamal Badawi's radio teaching series on Jesus.

July 15, 1999
Christian Answers to Muslim Charges (explaining regularly misunderstood Bible passages about the deity of Christ), Is Jesus God? (an introductory response in dialogue form to this frequent Muslim question), Different Methodologies for God's Books - Muslims and Western Historical Criticism. Qur'an exegesis: Does the Quran Teach a Local Flood?, Sharia: Two Statements on the Punishment of the Apostate According to Islamic Law, Malay: Siapa Kata Al-Kitab Telah Diubah? (Can we trust the Gospels?)

July 9, 1999
Rebuttal day... more than a dozen new rebuttals to Islamic Awareness are a good start for a comprehensive response to Dr. MSM Saifullah's site Islamic Awareness site. Connected with that, an entry on interesting translation differences on Sura 9:30.

July 2, 1999
Rebuttal day... eight rebuttals to Dr. Jamal Badawi added, another one responding to Akbarally Meherally (*), and an article with observations on Inserting an extra "Allah" into the Qur'an.

June 30, 1999
Four more testimonial stories of former Muslims added (*, *, *, *) and notes from a recent Muslim-Christian dialogue on The Character of God in Bible and Qur'an.

June 24, 1999
A Problem Regarding the Text and Transmission of the Qur'an, A Contribution of Uthman to the Qur'an, and comments by Ali Dashti on The Miraculous Nature of the Qur'an.

June 21, 1999
Three more testimonies of former Muslims added (*, *, *) as well as the epilogue, the glossary and the appendices for the book The True Path. Two new articles on the historical event of The Satanic Verses and their implications for the Miracle of the Qur'an.

June 17, 1999
An article on The Claim of Muhammad's Perfect Memory. An observation on Surah 80:23 and other passages: YES or NO ? - corrupting the Arabic text of the Qur'an. An addition to the rebuttal pages responding to Akbarally Meherally (*).

June 15, 1999
Two more testimonies of the book The True Path were added and a documentation of the newsgroup debate between Sam Shamoun and MSM Saifullah.

June 11, 1999
What did the early Muslims say about Abraham and the Child of Sacrifice? Further addition to the rebuttal pages responding to Shabir Ally (*) and Akbarally Meherally (*), and a short note on Sura 110.

June 7, 1999
The rebuttal pages to It is the truth (propagating the claim of a scientific miracle in the Qur'an) have nearly all been improved, and a response to yet another Bible contradictions list was added.

June 4, 1999
The introduction, and the first of seven testimonies from the book The True Path. A quotation by Ibn Abbas on the corruption of Scripture, several additions to the Shabir Ally rebuttal page, and comments on the Muslim hoax regarding the origin of April Fool customs.

May 31, 1999
Revised edition of The Seven Readings of the Qur'an. More than "just semantics": Do Muslims and Christians speak the same language? A full month of Devotions from the Zabur (Bahasa Melayu). A new response page to Shabir Ally.

May 25, 1999
Seir means Jesus? - An exercise in Muslim Geography. An addition and two updates in the Meherally rebuttals (*, *, *).

May 23, 1999
Several improvements in the rebuttal to the scientific miracle of the Qur'an, reflections on Suras 66, 111, 112, and further Turkish devotional.

May 17, 1999
A Turkish devotional and updated the zip file of the complete Qur'an contradictions section to include the various additions over the last months, in particular some Muslim responses.

May 10, 1999
Three response pages to Misha'al al-Kadhi's "What Did Jesus Really Say?" (*, *, *), a list of hadiths about the black slaves of Muhammad and a reference page on music in Islam.

May 7, 1999
A careful analysis of The Quranic Witness to Biblical Authority and a new chapter in the French section.

May 4, 1999
A new conversion testimony as well as a rebuttal to popular Islamic site "It Is The Truth" seeking to prove the divine origin of the Qur'an by a claimed scientfic accuracy of its scientific statements. A short response to Dr. Jamal Badawi on the status of women in Islam.

May 1, 1999
Added a little humor and an article on The Titles of Jesus in the Qur'an and in the Bible

April 26, 1999
The Fall of the Human Race (a serious article on the nature of sin and man, investigates both the Islamic and Christian viewpoint). An addition to the Turkish subsite. New rebuttal pages to Qais Ali's "Answering Christianity".

April 24, 1999
Update on What Does The Qur'an Say About The Jewish & Christian Scriptures?, a few new articles in the Indonesian and Malay section and a rebuttal to Dr. Jamal Badawi's Muhammad in the Bible.

April 21, 1999
Reflections on different versions of Quranic stories, a response to Dr. Jamal Badawi's Jesus in the Qur'an and the Bible, an update of Another Choice: The Teachings of Ahmed Deedat and a new concise discussion regarding the Gospel of Barnabas.

April 18, 1999
Many rebuttals were added in response to Akbarally Meherally's writings, a detailed investigation of the Muslim claim that Jesus was sent only to Israel. New is also the exposition on Muhammad and witchcraft in the Alternative Qur'an Commentary.

April 5, 1999
An revealing article on Prophecies about Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures? and five additions to the Malay pages.

March 13, 1999
Christianity, Islam, and Slavery

March 3, 1999
Two Somali testimonies of conversion added (*,*) and the Arabic version of the testimony of Omar Al-Mahdi.

February 28, 1999
Can we trust the Gospels? answers the Muslim charge of a corrupted Bible and traces its history. Several new sections in the Al-Kadhi rebuttal project (*,*,*,*) were added and a few more conversion testimonies.

February 6, 1999
Several testimonies of conversion added to the Turkish pages, Ibrahim's testimony of conversion in Arabic, another chapter to the Al-Kadhi Rebuttal, a collection of links to responses regarding the Atlantic Monthly article, and some timely Humor.

January 23, 1999
The huge Comparative Index to Islam was incorporated into the site and five more chapters were added to the Al-Kadhi Rebuttal.

January 21, 1999
Links to eight more testimonies of conversion.
An overview page for a controversial discussion on the Qur'an addressing Mary as the Sister of Aaron.

January 17, 1999
Two booklets about the names, titles and attributes of Jesus: The Lamb of God and The Way, the Truth, and the Life.

January 15, 1999
Seven more chapters added to the Al-Kadhi Rebuttal.

January 10, 1999
The Arabic testimony of Sheikh Mohamed Kamel Mansour's conversion (English translation in preparation).

January 7, 1999
New material in the Malay pages.

January 4, 1999
Four more chapters added to the Al-Kadhi Rebuttal and a link about some recent manuscript findings of the Qur'an in the section about Qur'anic textual variants.

Articles newly added in 1998.

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