XXXVII. SINAI COD. ARAB. 625. Read in AD. 1698.

Dialogue between an Emir and a Monk.

The Monk.

"according to our image and likeness," that is to say, in power and authority and dominion and self-control and will and choice, by way of likeness and approach, and just as a man is like his image which he creates upon the wall, and which appears in the house, and thou seest not himself but something in the way of being like him, thus man approaches God in His image and likeness. And God created man to wish to walk in the commandment of his Creator, and in His ordinance and law; and this is the ordinance and the law and the commandments; and thou must necessarily be akin to the nature of their Founder and Legislator by way of resemblance. For example, if thou hadst a son or a servant, and thou wert in thy disposition compassionate, wouldst thou command him to be..............

Source: Forty-one facsimiles of dated Christian Arabic manuscripts : with text and English translation, by Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop Gibson; with introductory observations on Arabic calligraphy by David S. Margoliouth. -- Cambridge : University Press, 1907

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