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24 December 2011
Roland Clarke reflects on the momentous changes that have taken place in the Middle East this year: When Nations Shake: A Prophetic Perspective. Very appropriate for a Christmas Eve update, Masud Masihiyyen continues his investigation into the exclusion of Joseph from the Qur'an and other Islamic source texts speaking of the birth of Jesus: Joseph the Carpenter in Islam [Part 3A, Part 3B]. On Christmas we celebrate that God loves us so much, that he took on human nature and became one of us. Muslims regularly question and attack the doctrine of Incarnation as being impossible, illogical and demeaning to God. But how does the Qur'an depict Allah? Anthony Rogers starts a new series, Allah the Man-God – Part One: Introduction and looks at the concept behind the regularly heard Muslim expression Inshallah. Keith Thompson's article, Who Wrote the Gospels?, presents internal and external arguments for the traditional authorship of the Canonical Gospels. Finally, Sam Shamoun's Christmas present for our readers is a banquet of rebuttals to the recent polemics by Abdullah Kunde and Paul Bilal Williams: Examining more of Abdullah Kunde’s Inconsistencies (Part 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) – Analyzing God’s Perfection In Light of the Islamic Doctrine of Mediation and Intercession. We open up a new rebuttal section dealing with the arguments of Paul Bilal Williams starting with fourteen articles: Jesus Is indeed God Incarnate Which Is Why He Is Able To Forgive Sins! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Was Jesus’ Sacrificial Death Necessary for the Forgiveness of Sins? (Part 1, Part 2), Jesus Christ – Our Gloriously Divine Mediator (Part 1, Part 2), Who is Islam’s Real Savior? (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3a, Part 3b), Looking at Some of the Quran’s Fables And Contradictory Retelling of Parallel Stories, A Muslim Dawagandist Asks A Question, Islam’s Morally Grotesque Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement.

10 November 2011 [20:16 UTC, cf. Sura 84:18]
The two prevalent themes featuring in several of today's articles are "corruption" and/or "the moon". Some are manipulating the Qur'an in order to please Muslim by presenting fabricated scientific miracles, and others are manipulating the Bible in order to please, or at least not to offend, Muslim sensitivities. In both cases, truth is violated; but sacrificing truth in order to please anyone, including the Muslims, is not acceptable. These are our new articles: The end of the Quran as Muslims know it: Today’s Quran in the light of its early manuscripts by Oskar looks at some instances of changes in the text of the Qur'an. Does the Quran really deny that a person can bear the sins of another? [Part 1, Part 2] by Sam Shamoun focuses on a prevalent Muslim corruption of the meaning of the Qur'an. Masud Masihiyyen contributes a detailed and careful examination of how the author of the Qur'an corrupted his sources and caused the disappearance of Joseph from Jesus' nativity stories in the Qur'an: Joseph the Carpenter in Islam [Part 1, Part 2]. A Rebuttal to Dr. Jamal Badawi who twists the meaning of the Bible (no surprise here): More Deceptive Tactics From A Leading Muslim Taqiyyist [Part 1, Part 2]. Sam Shamoun answer to "Question Mark" in The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Greenhorn – A Muslim Dawagandist Undermines the Perspicuity and Sufficiency of the Quran [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3], and he rebuts Sami Zaatari with The Identity of the pre-Islamic Allah at Mecca [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Addendum] on the question of the Muslim Allah's connection to the Pagan Arab moon god. Three rebuttals to Harun Yahya und Caner Taslaman by Jochen Katz dealing with several mathematical and prophetic “miracles” of the Qur'an, supposedly predicting the Apollo 11 Moon Mission and man's landing on the moon: (1) And the Moon remains ... out of reach (on Sura 84:18-20), (2) Splitting the Moon – Or Tearing the Qur’an to Shreds?, (3) Allah's Timing? These articles expose how Muslims are blatantly corrupting the meaning of the Qur'an by fabricating pseudo-miracles for the Qur'an in order to please the Muslim crowds. And then, sadly, there are even Christians (?) who are corrupting the meaning of the Bible to please ... Muslims. This is a matter discussed in the next several articles: A book review of Paul Gordon Chandler's Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road by June Engdahl. Serious mistranslations of crucial terms (in Mazhar Mallouhi's Bible translation and commentary, ironically titled Al-ma'ana Al-SaHIH Li InjIl Al-masIH [i.e. "The Correct Meaning of the Gospel of Christ"] as well as in a Wycliffe project called Qisas Al-Anbiya ["Stories of the (Biblical) Prophets"]) are documented in a series of files compiled by Adam Simnowitz: Father, Son, Son of God, Son of Man, John 17:1-3, John 3:13-18, John 5:17-19, Qisas Al-Anbiya. Last, but not least, a variety of other topics: Rev. Richard Bailey finishes his series of Answers to Questions Muslims Ask with Appendix C: Prophets in the Bible, Roland Clarke ponders issues of Unity, Ummah and Peace and Dallas Roark looks at these two topics: Islam: A Religion of Peace? – Or: Muslims killing Muslims and What is the basis for Islam? Sam Shamoun: Islam Agrees – Jesus Has No Beginning!, The Quran on the Preservation of Pharaoh’s Body.

4 October 2011
Today, most articles deal with aspects of the idolization / deification of Muhammad and the "humanizing" of Allah in Islam. Islam’s Other god – The Deification of Muhammad (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4), Allah & Mo., Inc. – Islam's Foundational Partnership, and "Khayru Al-Mushrikin – Allah as the best mushrik of them all" (Part 1, Part 2), mostly by Sam Shamoun. Soul-Man: Shall Allah Taste Death According to the Qur’an? by Anthony Rogers. Sam Shamoun presents three rebuttals to Bassam Zawadi: (1) Allah – More Human Than Divine!, (2) Allah – The Not So Divine One!, (3) Zawadi Takes Aim At The Two Messenger, and he looks at statements about Jesus in the Muslim sources: The Muslim Christ Trumps the Prophet of Islam Again! – Examining Muhammad’s and Jesus’ Roles as Intercessors (Part 1, Part 2). Finally, turning away from the problems of Islam, and to understand the nature of the one true God, Anthony Rogers continues his series, The "Heavenly" and "Earthly" Yahweh: A Trinitarian Interpretation of Genesis 19:24 with Part III ([a] & [b]).

11 September 2011
Dishonesty of the Qur'an: Changing the significance of a word to change the whole Gospel by Wail Taghlibi. Rev. Richard Bailey continues his series of Answers to Questions Muslims Ask with Part 4: Answers to Questions about the Trinity, the Nature and Character of God. Roland Clarke ponders on current events in the Middle East in Is God Able to Humble the Haughty?. Mutee'a Al-Fadi examines The Dilemma of Jihad Doctrine: The Myth of Quranic Warnings vs. Violence Commands. Towers of wishful thinking are levelled as rebuttals to several alleged Qur'an miracles (scientific, historical and mathematical) bring down some tall claims: (1) Are Mountains “Pegs” Which Prevent the Earth from Shaking? by Andrew Vargo. (2) Gambling with Numbers – Supposed Numerical Miracles of the Qur’an by Masud Masihiyyen. (3) Jochen Katz deals with Caner Taslaman's version of the Haman Hoax. Since we have now reached a total of five articles containing rebuttals to claims by this particular Islamic propagandist, he is therefore assigned his very own section of Rebuttals to Dr. Caner Taslaman.

24 August 2011
Samuel Green reflects on the Muslim letter titled "A Common Word" and suggests issues that should be discussed between Christians and Muslims. Who can claim to be a Prophet? by Dallas Roark, and The Historical Case for Paul's Apostleship by Keith Thompson. Sam Shamoun presents Jesus Christ – The One Lord Revealed in the Old Testament Scriptures (Part 1, Part 2, Addendum), two rebuttals to Dr. Jamal Badawi: (1) Satan In The Upper Nose, (2) Dr. Badawi Proves That Allah Exists As A Limited Physical Being, a two-part rebuttal to "Question Mark": The Lord Jesus Christ - the Divine Judge of All Creation and Islam's Unholy Alliance, and finally a rebuttal to Bassam Zawadi: Exposing More of Zawadi’s Inconsistency and Dishonesty. Masud Masihiyyen's two-part article From Jonah to Pharaoh?: Part I: What was the Sign of Jonah?, Part II: What was the Sign of Pharaoh? reveals a surprising connection between the sign of Jonah in the Bible and the sign of Pharaoh in the Qur'an, and refutes an alleged Qur'an miracle as a side effect. His article, Islamic Dishonesty At Work! is a rebuttal to another pseudo-miracle claiming that the Qur'an reveals the rotation of the Earth. Jochen Katz looks at the same alleged miracle in Harun Yahya’s “Science” Fiction – Part 2: Clouded Mind Dawah exposing the enormous amount of scientific falsehood that Harun Yahya managed to cram into the few lines of his version of the miracle. “Don’t Shoot Us, We Are Just the Messenger” by Anthony Rogers and Sam Shamoun discusses yet another grammatical mistake in the Qur’an. The revised Training Materials by G. Nehls and W. Eric are now also available online: Part 1: Islam: As It Sees Itself - As Others See It - As It Is, Part 2: Christian-Islamic Controversy, Part 3: Practical-Tactical Approach.

10 June 2011
Rev. Richard Bailey continues his series of Answers to Questions Muslims Ask with Part 3: Answers to Questions about the Bible. Samuel Green rewrote and vastly expanded his article, How can one man pay for the sins of another? Roland Clarke looks at the issue of Winning the War (against Satan). Keith Thompson examines Muhammad's Condition in light of the Biblical Description of Demonic Possession. Dallas Roark explains What does God Say about the Family? Several articles by Sam Shamoun: Islam testifies that Jesus is better than Muhammad (Part 1, Part 2), Muhammad and the Sun's Setting Place, The Incredulous and Absurd Teachings of Muhammad (Part 1, Part 2), and a rebuttal to Sami Zaatari: Do Muslims Worship Muhammad? Jacob Thomas reflects on the development that Algerian Authorities Close Seven “Illegal” Protestant Churches.

7 May 2011
Why did Jesus not openly reveal his full identity? is the second appendix to Rev. Richard Bailey's series Answers to Questions Muslims Ask. Does God really care about you?, What Is Evil? (Part 1, Part 2) by Dallas Roark. Bill O'Reilly, Muhammad, and Islam by Silas. The Quran Testifies To Its Own Textual Corruption by Sam Shamoun. Then we have again plenty of rebuttals to Bassam Zawadi: (1) Muhammad and the Apocryphal Gospels by Masud Masihiyyen, and again several by Sam Shamoun: (2) Has Islam Misunderstood Christianity? [Part 1] analyzes the White vs. Zawadi debate, (3) This Fact Will Never Change – The Words of God Are Unchangeable! [Part 1], [Part 2], (4) Six Or Eight Days Creation?, (5) Postscript to "Exposing Zawadi's Deliberate Lies and Deception". Finally, a rebuttal to Sami Zaatari: Answering “Jesus isn’t God because God doesn’t change” by Keith Thompson.

Good Friday, 22 April 2011
As Christians all over the world remember the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ, the first two articles of today's update seek to help Muslims understand the meaning of this event and answer to some common objections. Could Jesus Really Be A Substitute Sacrifice for Us? by Dawud Jabal and the next installment in Richard Bailey's series, Answers to Questions Muslims Ask: Part 2 - Answers to Questions about the Crucifixion of Jesus the Messiah. Masud Masihiyyen continues his analysis of Jesus' miracles in the Qur'an: The Medinan Chapters (Part B). Sam Shamoun's article, Muhammad's Inspiration and Eloquence versus Allah's Aseity (Part 1, Part 2), looks at the "humanization of Allah" in Islam. Furthermore, he provides two responses to Bassam Zawadi: Revisiting the Shirk of Adam and Eve and a short postscript to an earlier rebuttal, Muhammad the Borrower Still! Finally, Jacob Thomas reviews an article by an Arab intellectual, asking “Was Huntington Wrong in his ‘Clash of Civilizations?’

31 March 2011
Is Asking "Where did Jesus say, ‘I am God’" a Good Argument? by Keith Thompson. Biblical Indications of the Deity of Jesus Christ by Dick Bailey. Anthony Rogers revised and substantially expanded his article The “Heavenly” and “Earthly” Yahweh: A Trinitarian Interpretation of Genesis 19:24 (Part 1, Part 2). Masud Masihiyyen continues his investigation regarding Jesus’ Ministry and Miracles in the Qur’an: Part 2: A comprehensive Analysis of the Medinan Chapters (A). Sam Shamoun examines the connection between the contribution of Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh to the Qur'an and the death of Muhammad in How Allah killed his prophet. The article ALL, ALLer, ALLest, (Yusuf) Ali? examines the meaning of S. 16:49-50, prompted by rather different translations existing for this passage. Sam Shamoun issues a Challenge to Muslim Dawagandist Ibn Saad and provides a rebuttal to Shabir Ally: Exposing Some More Lies From A Leading Taqiyyist. However, this really is "Bassam Zawadi Day" as we provide seven rebuttals to responses by this particular Muslim apologist, written by Sam Shamoun, Anthony Rogers and Keith Thompson: (1) Allah Imperfect Still! on the question of whether Allah's attribute of mercy is created or uncreated, (2) Exposing Zawadi’s Deliberate Lies and Deception regarding the Islamic teaching of the identity of the Islamic Allah with the Allah of the Meccan Pagans on the one hand and the Christian God on the other, (3) Surah 9:128 and Bassam's "Giant" Problem, (4) Adam – Allah’s Twin Partner and Physical Image, (5) Revisiting the Issue of the Quran and the Falsification Test, (6) The Point Still Remains: The Quran Affirms That God’s Revealed Words Cannot Be Changed!, (7) Rebuttal to Bassam Zawadi on “Allah’s Words do not Change”.

25 February 2011
Root Cause and Cure of Unrest in Middle East and North Africa by Oskar. Toward Understanding the Turmoil in Islamic Lands by Rev. Bassam Madany. “Allah hu akbar” – God is the Greatest by Roland Clarke.

16 February 2011
We begin a new series by Richard Bailey, Answers to Questions Muslims Ask: Part 1 - Questions about the Deity of Jesus the Messiah. Sam Shamoun provides two more papers on the nature of God: Is the Holy Spirit Jesus’ God as well? and The Angel Gabriel – Allah’s Other Divine Partner. His article How Muhammad’s desires resulted in the legislation of immodesty looks at another case of Muhammad’s inconsistency. Reexamining some Reasons Why Muhammad cannot be a true Prophet of God (Part 3) is a further installment in his rebuttal series to Sami Zaatari. More rebuttals: Addressing Muslim Polemicist Abdullah Kunde’s Biblical Distortions (Part 1, Part 2). Another popular Muslim argument for the divine origin of the Qur'an is addressed in How the Muslim “Falsification Test” Falsifies the Quran. The so-called scientific miracle of the Qur'an is another kind of "evidence/test of the divine origin of the Qur'an" that is often championed by Muslims. But what about the clear scientific errors in this book? The Qur'an contradiction article, Everything in Pairs?, is now revised and expanded with a section about "multi-sexual" species. Another element of inviting people to the "truth of Islam" are alleged prophecies of Muhammad in the Bible: Is Muhammad mentioned by name in the Song of Solomon 5:16? by Gordon Lewis. Due to the fast-changing political situation in several Arab countries, our final article, Moderate Muslims & Moderate Islam, by Jacob Thomas becomes even more relevant. What system will these countries adopt? An open and free society or an Islamic society ruled by Shariah law?

28 January 2011
The Historical and Biblical Basis for the Trinity by Keith Thompson. Sam Shamoun continues his series Jesus Superior To The Heavenly Host with Appendix B: The members of the heavenly council recognize God’s unique Son. In contrast to this biblical teaching, we present two more articles on the Muslim practice of the deification of Muhammad: (1) Muhammad – The Visible Image and Human Manifestation of Allah?, (2) Allah – the not so sufficient one: How Muhammad’s elevation to the status of a partner undermines Allah’s self-sufficiency. Masud Masihiyyen examines Jesus' Ministry and Miracles in the Qur'an (Part 1). “What is the Qur’an?” is Rev. Bassam M. Madany’s review of A Moroccan Intellectual’s Critique Of the Qur’an’s Ethical Teachings. The earlier Qur'an Versions article on S. 65:4, Marriage to Minors, was expanded by adding many more quotations from classical Muslim commentaries as well as from Ma'ariful Qur'an, a highly respected modern commentary. Finally, a section of rebuttals to Abdullah Kunde was started with these articles: Is Allah impotent and untrustworthy?, and Examining more of Abdullah Kunde’s Inconsistencies: Part 1 dealing with his objections to the Trinity, Part 2 with his attempt of twisting the meaning of the title "Son of Man".

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