What's New On "Answering Islam" ?

The following pages have been added newly or substantially revised during 1998 at the following dates:

December 13, 1998
Four more testimonies of converts.

November 11, 1998
A new Turkish site was started, two articles on the basic beliefs of Christians added, and How to ward off black magic and evil spirits extended the Questions & Answers section.

October 27, 1998
The Seven Readings of the Qur'an

October 20, 1998
Several new testimonies of former Muslims following Jesus. Furthermore, a whole new look and several additions to the Malay site.

October 16, 1998
Some thoughts on the charge of lost books of the Bible and more entries in the Qur'an contradictions collection.

October 13, 1998
Why the Traditions are Mandatory for All Muslims

October 3, 1998
Added another discussion on the Gospel of Barnabas and an article examining the Bible and the Qur'an regarding The Fallen Nature of Man in Islam and Christianity.

September 26, 1998
A substantial overhaul in the section about The Text of the Qur'an, its collection and variants readings.

September 11, 1998
Many additions to the Malay subsite and several to the French subsite.

September 8, 1998
Added further chapters in the Al-Kadhi Rebuttal, to Dr. Campbell's book, and to the alternative Qur'an Commentary.

July 6, 1998
The Qur'an and the Bible: Foretelling Science

June 25, 1998
Various new articles in the Hoaxes and Rumors section and some updates in the rebuttal to Misha'al Al-Kadhi

June 4, 1998
The Jews of Banu Qurayza - traitors or betrayed?
Various changes in the Qur'an Contradictions section
Yusuf Ali's mistranslations

May 25, 1998
Will they link? - What does "Comparative Religion" mean?

May 21, 1998
Muslim tradition on Heraclius' response to Muhammad's invitation

May 6, 1998
The Ascension of Jesus

May 2, 1998

April 26, 1998
Start of some sections on heretical groups. The very unislamic Nation of Islam is quite popular among black Americans. The Ahmadiyya Movement is active in Muslim-Christian encounters around the world far beyond their actual numbers of membership.

April 21st, 1998
Muhammad said: "The majority in hell are women."

April 18th, 1998
The Easy Sinful Nature Of Christianity on our Question & Answers panel. Qur'an Versions is starting a new section.

April 17th, 1998
First beginnings of a Dictionary of Christian Answers to Muslim Questions and a Commentary on the Qur'an are now added. Your contributions are most welcome.

April 13th, 1998
Rebuttal pages responding to Dr. Jamal Badawi as well as to Misha'al al-Kadhi's book What Did Jesus Really Say? and various updates in the Bible Commentary section.

March 17th, 1998
Baca - is it Mecca?

February 27th, 1998
The Sources of the Qur'an

February 11th, 1998
Again more testimonies added.
Observations on the story of Talut.

February 5th, 1998
The first pages for a subsite in the Malay language: Homepej-homepej Bahasa Melayu

January 27, 1998
Several more testimonies and four pages on the French subsite.

January 2, 1998
Two new testimonies of former Muslims as well as bursting the bubble on a false Muslim testimony and four new items on the Qur'an contradictions page.

Articles newly added in 1997.

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