What's New On "Answering Islam" ?

The following pages have been added newly or substantially revised during 1997 at the following dates:

November 22, 1997
Jesus and the Sword

November 16, 1997
Propos Chrétiens pour le Musulman     Start of a French sub site
Did Muhammad Plagiarize Imrau'l Qais?

November 4, 1997
Added several new testimonies and reorganized the page

October 16, 1997
Life Issues A new section on Christian perspective on practical questions (starting out with some articles on sexuality)

September 26, 1997
Are the "Shia suras" al-Nurain and al-Wilaya genuine?

September 15, 1997
More in the hoaxes section: Facts about King Offa and Bishop Keldani.

August 16, 1997
Jesus as the Son of God

August 15, 1997
Are there Prophecies in the Qur'an?

August 14, 1997
Christians Answer Muslims by Gerhard Nehls finally completed.

August 9, 1997
What is the Gospel?

August 7, 1997
What about Paul? (Wasn't he the founder of Christianity?)
Why do Muslims believe the Bible is corrupted?

August 4, 1997
If you have ever wondered why the same verse has different numbers in different translations ...

July 23, 1997
Finally we have a Search Engine for our site!
Qur'an and Embryology (thoroughly revised and updated)

July 11, 1997
My Questions about Islam [or: Why I am not a Muslim]

June 10, 1997
Finally complete: Jam Al-Qur'an: The Codification of the Qur'an Text by John Gilchrist.

June 7, 1997
Starting a new section on Sharia law
Several new articles in the Bible Commentary section

June 3, 1997
Many additions to the humor section during the last weeks

May 26, 1997
Why did God create us?

May 25, 1997
Another set of contradictions in the Qur'an
More on the corruption of the Qur'an text

May 16, 1997
The Muslim who-when-where-how-what-why-multi-problem
New category: Links to papers on the History of Islam

May 9, 1997
Women in Christianity & Islam

April 29, 1997
What do we mean when we say "Jesus is God"?
More items in the section on Contradictions and errors in the Qur'an.

April 9, 1997
Dear Muslims, let me tell you why I believed by Walid

March 26, 1997
Distortion in the Qur'an
Was Muhammad illiterate?
On the Samaritan Pentateuch

March 15, 1997
Common Logical Fallacies of Muslim Apologetics

March 10, 1997
On the textual variants of the Qur'an

March 8, 1997
Is "Torah" and "Injil" in the Bible?
On Respect and Disrepect

March 4, 1997
Forums for interaction between Muslims and Christians, especially the
Muslim/Christian dialog mailing list
Marriage between Christians and Muslims

March 1, 1997
More thoughts on the Incarnation

February 28, 1997
Is Allah the God of the Bible?

February 14, 1997
Book: Christians Ask Muslims by Gerhard Nehls
An Explanation of the Incarnation and the Biblical View of Allah for Muslims

February 1, 1997,
Testimony of Adel Mohammed El Naggar (Egypt)

January 26, 1997
Bassam's conversion testimony

January 23, 1997
The "I AM" Sayings of Jesus by Adel Mohammed El Naggar

January 21, 1997
The Ahmed Deedat Rebuttal Page

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