Dictionary of Christian Answers to Muslim Questions

The dream for this page would be that it will become a comprehensive dictionary giving links to pages answering the questions of Muslims to as many issues as possible.

The model page inspiring this section is the Comparative Index to Islam and one large page called Christian topics (mainly theological topics) and Netburst's Virtual Library (mainly practical life issues) with similar goals and setup. However, they are missing many issues relevant to Muslim-Christian dialog.

Entries will have short definitions and explanations, links to pages on this site discussing the topic in more depth, or resource links to other sites which have more specialized background material on this area. Not all links lead to Christian sites, but sometimes also to other pages which we think have valuable information.

Everything has to start small. Please let me know which words you are missing from this index and we will seek to supply some information on it and add an entry.

I have added a few entries that are not particularly Christian but this page will also serve as a collection of miscellanea that didn't fit anywhere else on this site.

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