Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

  • Doomsday Asteroid, Devil Rock and Bright Morning Star

    July 23rd NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office published an update on a planetary defense mission called DART which will explode into a near-Earth asteroid (in 2022) aiming to deflect its orbital path. This is part of a decades-long series of initiatives to protect planet Earth from a catastrophic hit by potentially hazardous asteroids. Secular scientists take this threat seriously as implied in the term, “Doomsday asteroids.” The update notes, “As of July 20 (2020), there are 23,118 known near-Earth asteroids.” God-fearing people, like Christians and Muslims, take these threats seriously, even more-so ...
  • Wake-Up Call

    The global Corona pandemic has profoundly shaken the world and many are wondering, “Is this a wake-up call?” Politicians and economists struggle with the financial melt-down. Massive numbers have been laid off. Ordinary people, particularly the less fortunate, are desperately worried about getting food and paying for shelter. The one concern all humans share in common is: we don't want to get the virus. Underlying the many drastic measures being taken to avoid infection is a deep fear of dying. Ugo Betty made a simple statement in his book, Struggle to Dawn, “Every tiny part of us cries out against the idea of dying and hopes to live forever.”
  • COVID-19: Context and Christ

    These were the world wide statistics regarding the Coronavirus as of 11 April 2020: COVID-19 cases: 1,710,581 Deaths: 103,512. Recovered: 382,053. One third of the global population were under coronavirus lockdown. Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister spent three nights in intensive care with COVID-19. In times of such unprecedented crisis it is important to add context to these shocking data. This article is looking at the bigger picture and at some aspects of what the religions of Islam and Christianity have to say in the current crisis. Finally, it is examining Christ’s prophecies and remedies for it. They help us to cope successfully in the current situation.

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