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How we can help you:

The "Answering Islam" site is mainly designed for a dialog with Muslims, but many Christians read it as well and learn about some important approaches, topics and arguments. If you are a Christian you might read in this site not because you stumbled upon it by chance but since Islam has for some reason become a challenge in your own life whether in your immediate family or through becoming friends with a Muslim in your workplace or neighborhood. In any case, you can find some dialog-tested answers to many claims, challenges and questions in articles that are placed here for you to learn about the Muslim arguments as well as about informed answers that Christians can give to them.

If Islam has come close to you, in family or society, you might find the following helpful:

Christians can no longer ignore God's purpose for the Church:

Whether living under outward oppression or in a free society, we are all involved in a spiritual battle. The following pages will give you some help to understand this topic since anyone who seeks to obey God's will and withstand Satan will attract his revenge.


We will increasingly also offer training material on Islam written for Christians. Here are those we have currently available.

Smaller articles: Our Attitude Towards Muslims Is Important

(University) Education and Training programs:

How you can help us:

  • Prayer that God will speak through the articles to seekers and open their hearts and minds for his truth
  • Volunteering time for
  • There are errors on our pages. Trivial ones like misprints and more serious ones due to oversight or ignorance. You can help us by sending us a message each time you detect an error. Most people don't bother and just read over it. But you can make a serious contribution by taking the few minutes to explain to us on which page (give address, we have over 10,000 pages and it is not easy to find if you don't tell us where) and what is wrong. If more people would do this, that would mean serious improvement. Some Muslims like to dismiss our material if they find errors. If you help us correct them, it will help towards the goal that these arguments will be taken more seriously.

    Furthermore, if you see a topic, or only a paragraph or just one argument that needs improvement, and you recognize either why it is wrong, or how to fix it, please let us know. We are serious in our desire to improve what can be improved. If you see a good argument but it is poorly expressed, help us formulate it in a better way.

  • Supporting the ministry of Answering Islam financially: see this page for details.

    If the Lord puts any of the above on your heart, or other creative ideas relating to "Answering Islam" then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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