Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

Beloved Egypt Awake!

Beloved Egypt, awake from your stupor!  Umm El Donnya, awake!
Our nation, once great in the world, now gathers scraps,
Our people, once leaders of the world, now beg.
Once the world’s breadbasket, now we mix sand with flour to make our bread.

The world moves forward and we regress.
A pitiful eye is cast, “How are the mighty fallen.”
They forget our sorrow and stress.

A pack of depraved dogs, we devour our own.
A pack of blind men, we fear to see.
A pack of slaves, to self-deception.

Awake from your stupor Beloved Egypt!  Awake!


What nation in the world’s history has fallen to such depths?  Egypt, once the only superpower ruled the world.  She led man in all things.  Now the mother of the world lives as a whore on the street.  The Pharaoh’s sons and daughters are nobody; they are sold to the Saudis for work and war.

History unrivaled! Egypt boasts, yet struggles for crumbs.

What has caused Egypt’s fall?  What has broken her legs and consigns her to live as a begging cripple on the street?  What has caused a once great nation to become a satire, a tragedy, a warning, a heartbreaking tale?


Throughout its history, as the poison of Islam grew in Egypt’s body the country died.

Islam has caused you to hate:  in Egypt, the Muslims fight other Muslims, atheists, and Christians.  Men slaughter the innocent like crazed beasts slaughtering sheep.  Instead of working toward a common good, the strong oppress the weak.  Instead of using its nutrients to build its body, they are given to “projects” for Islam.  These false projects, for its false prophet, perpetuate the dark stupor and keep the people in dark repression.

How many more mosques does Misr need?  The blaring calls do not call you to God, they do not call you to awake; they call you to your coma.

Islam causes you poverty and deterioration.  Your imams and hadith say one day you will fight the Jews, and your money is wasted in “preparing for war” over and over again.  How will your people, your children, be able to live in health while the imams demand and take more?

Your government panders to the kings of the world, your imams feed you deception, and despite your resources you cannot stand on your feet.  All the world sees this.  A nation that should be great is broken.  Islam’s poison is in your veins and you cannot escape its effects.  Awaken yourselves from its paralyzing poison!

Jesus taught that Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  Isn’t this what Islam has done to you, al-Masri?

Look at your neighbors to the east, west, and south.  What demon has struck them?  How have they faired under Islam’s poison?  Do you wish to mimic Libya?  Do you wish to imitate Syria and Iraq?  The stronger Islam runs in the veins the weaker all become.



A rebuke against you, O Ahmed el-Tayib!  You know Islam is false, yet you perpetuate it for your gain.  Instead of serving your people, you let them wither.  Instead of telling them the truth of the falseness of Islam, you let them believe a lie.  Instead of being a guide to life, you guide them to the fields of decay.

A rebuke against you, O Al-Azhar!  You join to spill innocent blood but then say, “we are peace.”  Many of your professors know Islam is false, yet they live as cowards, afraid to lose what they have.  Speak to them behind the curtain and they admit.  They see Egypt struggle, they know there is no hope in Islam, yet they remain silent. 

A rebuke against you, O Gama’a al-Islamiya wa al-Ikhwān al-Muslimūn!  You have spread death and destruction upon your brothers.  You lie and deceive about “brotherhood” yet the blood of death flows in your veins.  Instead of spreading life and making strong, you spread the death of Islam and make your country weak.  Study it for yourselves!  Islam is no solution!  Schwaya schwaya Schweppes ahi gaya. This is how our country’s death come by Islam’s poison.

The facts of history speak and show that Islam has weakened and broken your people.



Ruuh! Buss! Shuuf!  Look to the east and look to the west.  There you see the fruit of the Demon of Islam.

Look at the early Muslims.  They fought and killed each other.  This is what Islam brings to Islam.  Death is coming!  Look at how Ali and Aisha hated each other.  Look at how their children murdered each other.  This is the fruit of the Demon of Islam.

Uthman’s murder
Abu Bakr’s son murders Uthman.

Muhammad b. Abi Bakr, came with thirteen men and went up to Uthman.  He seized his beard and shook it until I heard his teeth chattering.  Muhammad b. Abi Bakr said, “Muawiyah was no help to you, nor was Ibn Amir, nor your letters.”  Uthman said, “Let go of my beard, son of my brother!  Let go of my beard!”  Then I saw Ibn Abi Bakr signaling with his eye to one of the rebels.  He came over to him with a broad iron headed arrow and stabbed him in the head with it…. They gathered round him and killed him.”  (Tabari volume 15, pages 190, 191).

What motivated Abu Bakr’s son to murder Uthman?

Ali fights Aisha

The Battle of the Camel

Those killed at the Battle of the Camel around the camel numbered 10,000, half from Ali’s followers, and half from Aisha’s.  ….  It was said that in the first battle 5000 Basrans were killed and a further 5000 in the second battle [there was a pause during the battle], totaling 10,000 Basran fatalities and 5,000 Kufans.  (Tabari Volume 16, page 164).

What motivated Ali and Aisha to fight and kill each other?

Ali murders Christians
Ali murders innocents

“I was in the army that Ali Abi Talib sent against the Banu Najiyah.... Our commander said to one of these groups, “What are you?”  and they replied, “We are a Christian people who do not consider any religion to be better than ours, and we hold fast to it.”  Our commander said to them, “Be off with you.”  He said to another band, “What are you?”  And they said, “We were Christians, but we accepted Islam, and we hold fast to our Islam.”  He said to them, “Be off with you!”   Then he said to the third group, “What are you?”  and they said, “We are a people who were Christians.  We accepted Islam but we do not think, that any religion is better than our previous one.”  He said to them, “Accept Islam!” but they refused.  He said to his men, “When I rub my head three times attack them and kill the fighting men and make captive the dependants.”  (Tabari, Volume 17, page 188).

What motivated Ali to murder innocent people? 

Ali’s war with Mu’awiyah
Muslims kill Muslims by the thousands all in the name of Islam

70,000 Muslims died at the battle of Siffin.  This was only one generation removed from Muhammad.

What motivated these men to spill an ocean of men’s blood?

Islam is the cause for all this death!

If the early Muslims, those who were Muhammad's family and closest friends, were driven to kill each other, what does this tell you about their evil and ugly motivations?  There is a demonic force, Shaitan's power, motivating these people to murder.

A Prophecy against Egypt.

Jonah preached to the people of Nineveh and told them God would destroy them if they did not repent.  This same message is coming for you oh Masr!  The poison of Islam has spread throughout your body.  Turn from it while you can.  Stop worshipping death!  Stop obeying the Demon of Islam.

No one need be a prophet to foresee this.  Just as you can look over the Sahara desert and see the storm approaching, so too, you can see the destruction that has struck Iraq, Libya, and Syria approaching.  Egypt’s destruction will be great unless you turn away from the deception that has poisoned you for hundreds of years.  You do not need any more proof, you only need to study your history and Islam’s history together.


Jesus came to bring life.

The healing and nurturing of the people of Egypt must begin in the heart and mind.  This strength comes from Jesus.  It must start within the heart, and with the true God.

Many Muslims have had spiritual experiences with Jesus and they’ve put their faith in Him.  They have received joy in their souls and peace in their minds.  They’re eyes were opened to the truth, and to the beauty, in Jesus.


Jesus said He was the bread of life; what better bread could you ask for?
Jesus said He would provide living water; what sweeter water is there?
Jesus said He was the Light of men; you cannot see and understand clearly without Him.
Jesus said He represents the Father; you cannot have a clearer vision of God.
Jesus said He was the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; what life could be more fulfilling?

Shaitan seeks to destroy you.  The Demon of Islam serves Shaitan, and he denies you faith in God the Father.  He tells you that God is not a Father.  Yet those who have had good fathers know that a Father’s love heals, helps, guides, and strengthens.  Isn’t Fatherhood then a trait of a God who loves His people?  Wouldn’t Shaitan deny you relationship with this God?

Through Christ we have access to God, our Father.  Without Christ you do not know, you cannot know, God our Father.  If you desire God’s deepest love then put your faith in Christ.

Oh Egypt, beloved Egypt, you deserve better, but you are a people who have been cheated by Shaitan and infected with a disease.  Shaitan delights and laughs at your debasement and destruction.

Even al-Sisi sees this. 

"You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move," he said. "Because this umma (international Muslim community) is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost — and it is being lost by our own hands." (Source)


The people of Egypt deserve better than what Islam has fed them.  They have been cheated.  The goodness in their hearts is being killed by the demon of Islam and replaced by hatred for others.  They have been deceived.

Egypt! Wake up and stop your death!  The Egyptian people deserve better than what real Islam has given them.

I proclaim to Egypt, the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  I proclaim His message.  Go and hear the words of Jesus.  His words are superior to Muhammad’s. 




I come before You today to ask for your mercy and love.  I admit  I am a sinner and I ask for Your help and forgiveness. I know You have great love and forgiveness and that You sent Your Son, Jesus so that I can draw close to You and know You.  I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again from the dead.  I give my life to You and choose to obey You.

I confess Jesus as my Lord.  I ask you Jesus, to come into my heart, come into my life, and be the Lord of my life.  Thank you God for Your love and kindness towards me.  Thank you Jesus for your love for me, for dying for me, forgiving me my sins, and giving me eternal life.


In Christ my Lord,
Silas, June 22, 2017