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The ANGELS of Allah –

The Honored GUEST of Abraham and Lot

Sam Shamoun

It is time to highlight another grammatical blunder of the Quran. According to the Quran, Allah sent at least three angels to both Abraham and Lot in order to announce to them what was to soon take place:

And tell them about Abraham's GUEST (dayfi). When THEY came (dakhaloo) to him and said, `Peace be upon you,' He answered, `Verily, we are afraid of YOU (minkum).' S. 15:51-52 Sher Ali

“They came” (dakhaloo) is a 3rd person masculine plural verb, and “of you” (minkum) is a 2nd person masculine plural object pronoun. In Arabic, the plural refers to three or more.

“Has the story of the GUEST (dayfi) of Abraham, the ONES who ARE honored (al-mukrameena)?” S. 51:24

The Arabic word al-mukrameena is a genitive masculine plural (passive) participle.

And when Our Messengers (rusuluna) came to Lot, he was grieved on THEIR account (bihim) and felt helpless for THEM (bihim) and he said, `This is a distressful day.' And his people came to him, running towards him, trembling with rage, and before this too they used to do evils. He said, `O my people, these are my daughters; they are purer for you. So fear ALLAH and do not disgrace me in the presence of my GUEST (dayfi). Is there not among you one right-minded man? S. 11:77-78 Sher Ali

The word for “Messengers” (rusul) is a nominative masculine plural noun. And the word bihim (“on their account”/”for them”) is a 3rd person masculine plural personal pronoun.

And they indeed sought to shame his GUEST (dayfihi) (by asking to commit sodomy with THEM). So We blinded their eyes, "Then taste you My Torment and My Warnings." S. 54:37 Hilali-Khan

He said, “THESE (haulai) are my GUEST (dayfi), so do not disgrace.” S. 15:68

The Arabic word for “these” is a plural demonstrative pronoun.

The problem with all of these verses is that the Arabic word for “guest” happens to be singular, not plural, and is therefore a gross mistake.

Now there is a way for Muslims to get around this Quranic blunder. The Muslims can argue that the reason why the word “guest” is singular is because the Quran is emphasizing the essential and functional unity of the three messengers, that even though they are three distinct persons they are basically one when it comes to their essence and mission seeing that they are all angels sent to communicate the very same message to two of God’s prophets.

However, the Muslim needs to be careful with this argument since it actually helps to affirm that the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is logically coherent and consistent. After all, if three angelic creatures can be grouped together as one in order to affirm their essential and functionally unity, then why would it be a logical contradiction for God to eternally exist as three distinct and essentially coequal divine Persons?

We will leave it for the Muslims to make sense out of this literary mess that they claim to be a revelation from the all-knowing God of all creation.

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