Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

The Qur’an and the
Historical Jesus


John Gilchrist




Chapter 1: The Historical Jesus
                   Revealed, Reshaped and Reinvented

Chapter 2: John the Baptist
                   Verifying a Word from Allah

Chapter 3: Bibi Maryam
                   Preferred to All Other Women

Chapter 4: The Virgin-Birth
                   Unique and Highly Significant

Chapter 5: The Crucifixion of Jesus
                   Docetic and Gnostic Influences

Chapter 6: Jesus the Son of God
                   The Arian and Gnostic Begotten Son

Chapter 7: The Qur’an and the Trinity
                   Three Gods: Jesus, Mary and Allah

Chapter 8: Al-Masih: the Messiah
                   The Son of David, the Son of Abraham

Chapter 9: The Word and the Spirit
                   Jesus Himself is the Message of God



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The online edition is essentially the same as the printed edition from 2015. We corrected a few typos, that were discovered during the web formatting process, and suggested improvements to a couple of formulations which the author gladly accepted, and which will also be incorporated into further printings.