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21 December 2012
Millions of people believe that the world is going to end today, because the Mayan calendar comes to an end – the calendar of a civilization that has ended a long time ago. However, Jesus says: Nobody knows the time or the hour (Mark 13). Jesus will come back as Lord and Judge, but certainly not when a multitude of people who do not even believe in him expect the world to end. (When faith in the true God is thrown out of the window, superstition creeps in by the backdoor.) Even though Islam has many cracks in its foundations, and many more people will eventually recognize this and abandon Islam, neither Islam nor the world as a whole has come to its end just yet. It is still necessary and worth the time and effort to provide our readers with a clear presentation of the Gospel and good arguments that are relevant to the discussions between Christians and Muslims. Therefore, here are our latest articles:

Lost and Found by Roland Clarke. What Do Most People Really Want in Life? by Dallas Roark. Sam Shamoun provides a large number of articles: More Hints from Luke’s Gospel to Christ’s Divine Identity. A series on Jewish Christology (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), and The Christology of James and Jude. Then there is More Evidence that Jesus and His Disciples Did Not Teach Islam, and The Quran Agrees: Jesus is the Chosen Seed of Abraham. Moreover, he starts off with a new series titled Elohim and the Trinity (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) explaining the nature of the true God based on the biblical data, and, in contrast, exposes Allah – The Great Misleader. Two more articles examine the position of Muhammad in Islam: Revealing Allah’s Partner in Dispensing Forgiveness and Salvation and Revealing Allah’s Partner in Receiving Pleasure. We also provide plenty of rebuttals to various arguments made by different Muslim apologists. One rebuttal to Shabir Ally's claim about the origin of wine in the Qur'an: Shabir Ally Caught Lying Again! [Part 1, Part 2, Addendum]. Several rebuttals to Paul Bilal Williams: (1) A Brief Review to the 2nd “Chris Green vs. Paul Bilal Williams” Debate, (2) Jesus as the Holy and Righteous One exposes also the ignorance of Williams in regard to his own religion, (3) The Muslim Abuse and Misuse of Modern Biblical Scholarship [Part 3], (4) The Epistle of Barnabas: Another Early Witness to the Church’s High Christology. Two rebuttals to Sami Zaatari: (1) An Expert Taqiyyist Strikes Back Once Again And Fails One More Time! (Part 1), and (2) The Urine of a Boy VS the Urine of a Girl in Islam (Part 1, Part 2). Finally, Silas examines arguments put forward by Prof. Jonathan Brown in Islam's Critics, Sex, and Jonathan Brown.

9 November 2012
Surah 18:50 & 1 John 3: Distinguishing God's Children from the Devil's by Roland Clarke. Does God really love you? by Dallas Roark. In the Qur'an, one finds the mysterious claim that Jews have been turned into apes for breaking the Sabbath. In the article, Solving a Quranic Puzzle, Masud Masihiyyen proposes a source for this legend. Jochen Katz looks at some questions arising from Surah 26:77 in Truly a strange thing... Sam Shamoun contributes two articles critically examining Islam, An Inspired Apocryphal Fable? and A Muslim Scholar Happily Admits That There Is No Salvation Apart From Muhammad!, two articles explaining the true nature of Jesus, He Who Comes – More Explicit Evidence for the Deity of Christ and Even More Proof That Jesus Is Absolutely Good And Therefore Absolutely Divine!, and provides rebuttals to two Muslim apologists, (A) Shabir Ally: A Good Question: Whom Exactly Does Allah Pay The Ransom to? [Part 1, Part 2], and (B) Paul Bilal Williams: More on How to Obtain Salvation According to Jesus [Part 1, Part 2], The Didache and the Deity of Christ – A First Century Witness to a Non-Islamic Christology [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4], and John the Baptist Proves that Muhammad Was a False Prophet! [Part 1, Part 2]. Rev. Bassam Madany reminds us of The Plight of the Largest Native Christian Minority in the Muslim World: The Copts of Egypt.

1 October 2012
In his follow-up article, What Would Muhammad Do About “That Video”?, Khaled answers the question “Why are Muslims behaving this way in response to the Muhammad video?” Roland Clarke ponders the issue of Mockery & Honor and looks how Muhammad and Jesus dealt with insults. Two further contributions to this hot and touchy issue are worth listing here as well: The director of our Chinese language section published his thoughts in a bilingual article, Criticism of Islam, the Quran, or Muhammad, and David Wood produced a YouTube video, entitled Don't Make Fun of Muhammad! As one of the brothers from our team translated Bill Warner's Lessons on Political Islam into Arabic, we received permission to post the English original on this site as well. We added links to the chapters of James Arlandson's latest book on Islamic Sharia Law: Its Origins, Development, and Application Today. Anthony Rogers massively expanded his article, Missing the Mark: Unveiling Mark’s High Christology of Divine “Inclusion”. Sam Shamoun explains Psalm 2 and its implications in Trusting in Yahweh’s Divine Royal Son (Part 1, Part 2).

20 September 2012
A week ago, we published a quick response by Khaled to the incredibly bad ‘Muhammad Video’. However, the fact that the video was bad and ridiculous and yes, deliberately insulting, can hardly be an excuse for Muslims to go on a rampage and kill innocent people. Some weeks earlier, at the end of Ramadan, Roland Clarke already observed the Escalating Ramadan Death Toll. The first article in today's official site update continues the topic when Dallas Roark examines Muslim Anti-Semitism. Jacob Thomas looks at Tariq Ramadan & the Islamization of Europe. Then we have a large number of rebuttals to various Muslim apologists and propagandists. Anthony Rogers continues his series on Jesus’ Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24, Coming on the Clouds of Heaven: A Reply to Shabir Ally’s Execrable Blasphemies and Calumnies Against the Son of Man with Part IIId. Three rebuttals to Ibn Anwar: (1) The Historicity of the Appearance to the 500 in 1 Corinthians 15:6, (2) Round 2 in the discussion regarding the reference to Abiathar in Mark 2:26 by Keith Thompson, and (3) Does Allah Repent After All? by Sam Shamoun. All of the remaining rebuttals and articles are by Sam Shamoun. Three rebuttals to Paul Bilal Williams: (1) Islam Testifies that Jesus is the Messiah for the Whole World, (2) Jesus answers the question of what a person must do to be saved, (3) A Dawagandist Turns Muhammad Into A God! And he analyzes Sami Zaatari's debate claims in denial of the crucifixion. Several christological articles: Jesus Christ – The Divine Lord of Glory [Part 1, Part 2] with the supplement Whose Glory Did Isaiah See?; More Proof Of Jesus’ Absolute Goodness and Essential Purity. And four articles examining Quranic teachings: More proof that Allah worships like his creatures do, The Gods of Islam Unveiled, The Seven Ahruf and Multiple Qiraat – A Quranic Perspective, Revealing Allah’s Partner in Dispensing Divine Grace.

7 August 2012
Missing the Mark: Unveiling Mark’s High Christology of Divine “Inclusion” by Anthony Rogers. Unveiling the Identity of the Only True God [Part 1, Part 2, Addendum] by Sam Shamoun. William DiPuccio contributes his Outline of Islam: An Analytical Index of Key Concepts based on Thomas Patrick Hughes’ A Dictionary of Islam. Dallas Roark reviews Robert Spencer’s recent book, Did Muhammad Exist? Then we have a number of rebuttals to Muslim missionaries. Three rebuttals to Ibn Anwar: (1) Did the Egyptians Use Crucifixion? by Andrew Vargo, (2) Ibn Anwar’s False Charge of Anachronistic Error: An Exegetical Examination of Mark 2:26 by Keith Thompson, and (3) Pinning the “Tale” on Ibn Anwar. Two rebuttals to Bassam Zawadi: (1) Jochen Katz examines Zawadi’s response regarding the error of Surah 26:16 in Brains in Chains: The Perils of Parroting, and (2) Sam Shamoun continues his analysis of the debate between Dr. James White and Bassam Zawadi, Has Islam Misunderstood Christianity? [Part 2, Addendum]. One rebuttal to Sami Zaatari: Responding to Zaatari’s Review of the Williams-Green Debate [Part 1, Part 2, Addendum].

9 July 2012
Masud Masihiyyen takes a careful look at various aspects around the issue of Distortion and the Qur'an: Part 1: Different kinds of distortion occurring in the Qur'an, Part 2: A comparative study on the story of Abraham's visitors and Sam Shamoun starts a new series discussing How the Hebrew Bible Falsifies Islam [Part 1], [Part 2], looks at a fundamental Quran Error – Were Jesus’ Disciples Muslims? [Part 1], [Part 2], at another aspect of the deification of Muhammad in Islam’s Divine Savior Revealed [Part 1], Islam’s Divine Savior Revealed [Part 2], shows that The Hebrew Bible Testifies: The Messiah Is As Old As God is! [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], and looks at a number of crucial passages proclaiming Jesus as the Divine Son of God – A Markan Perspective [Part 1], [Part 2]. Samuel Green revised and expanded his article, How can one man pay for the sins of another? Roland Clarke shares how the topic of Wrath and Redemption in Psalm 78 can help to communicate the Gospel to Muslims. Then we provide a number of rebuttals to arguments by Muslim Missionaries. Sami Zaatari's latest attack on the Bible is refuted by Anthony Rogers in A Would-Be Seducer Gets Owned and Humbled: Or, What the Bible REALLY Says About Raping an Unbetrothed Virgin. Sam Shamoun answers Paul Bilal Williams in Jesus, John’s Gospel and Williams and Can Jesus be God if He is subject to His Father? [Part 1], and Bassam Zawadi in a series on the Problems with the Islamic Doctrine of Atonement [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]. Mutee'a Al Fadi's provides a second rebuttal to Bassam Zawadi's response regarding the Grammar Error in Surah 26:16. Finally, today we are launching our new Bosnian language section.

18 May 2012
Oskar urges Muslims to consider The honourable way out of ‘honour killings’. We revisit the issue of Haman in the Qur'an: From the Maurice “Bucaillian” Haman to the [Latest] “Islamic Awareness” Haman: A Case of a Crumbling Argument? by Andrew Vargo. Masud Masihiyyen investigates the literary background and potential sources for the appearance of Haman in the Qur'an: Esther's Loss and Haman's Time Travel (Part 1A, Part 1B, Part 2). Sam Shamoun provides rebuttals to arguments by three Muslim polemicists. Does The Quran Mistakenly Teach That Moses Is Jesus’ Uncle? responds to Ibn Anwar. Then he has a series on Shabir Ally And The Greatest Commandment (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Finally, several rebuttals to Paul Bilal Williams: (1) Jesus Christ – The Divine Light of All Creation, (2) Jesus as Wisdom Incarnate (Part 1, Part 2), (3) Jesus’ Omniscience – A Lukan Perspective (Part 1, Part 2), (4) Further evidence that Allah cannot be God, (5) A Muslimah Has Some Questions (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). Bassam Madany discusses Good Intentions, Or Scriptural Principles in Missions.

1 May 2012
James Arlandson presents a thorough twelve-part series examining the issue of The Sword in Early Christianity and Islam: (1) Introduction, (2) The Mission of Jesus and the Sword, (3) The Mission of Muhammad and the Sword, (4) The Gospels and the Sword, (5) The Quran and the Sword, (6) Two Kinds of Swords, (7) The Early Church and the Sword, (8) The Early Muslim Community and the Sword, (9) The Sword and the Jews, (10) Martyrdom and the Sword, (11) Q & A on the Sword, (12) Conclusion.  Jacob Thomas responds to statements by Shirin Ebadi in Women in the Light Of the Qur’an.

24 April 2012
Anthony Rogers provides a thorough exegesis of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24, a passage that is often mistaken as talking about the end of the world: Coming on the Clouds of Heaven: A Reply to Shabir Ally’s Execrable Blasphemies and Calumnies Against the Son of Man (Part I, Part IIa, Part IIb, Part IIIa, Part IIIb, Part IIIc); and he concludes his series The “Heavenly” and “Earthly” Yahweh: A Trinitarian Interpretation of Genesis 19:24 with Part IV, presenting Old Testament evidence for the doctrine of the Trinity. Sam Shamoun discusses a number of problems for Islamic theology: (1) The Quran As A Divine Conscious Agent, (2) The First Christians As The Slaves of Jesus, (3) Allah – The All Guessing and Hopeful One, (4) More of Muhammad’s False Prophecies: Muhammad’s failed prediction concerning Christ’s return. He continues his rebuttal to Paul Bilal Williams in The Muslim Abuse and Misuse of Modern Biblical Scholarship (Part 2a, Part 2b). Finally, we have more rebuttals to Muslim polemicist Ibn Anwar: (1) Does 1 Timothy 3:16 Affirm the Deity of Christ? (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Addendum), (2) Did God Really Ordain Sacrifices to Satan? (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) by Sam Shamoun, and (3) Daniel 7:13-14 and Christ’s Deity: Answering Ibn Anwar’s Eisegesis by Keith Thompson.

7 April 2012
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Fundamental to the Christian Faith, this event is questioned by skeptics and Muslims. Sam Shamoun presents his examination of the question, Does the Old Testament predict that the Messiah would be resurrected on the third day? (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).

21 March 2012
Sam Shamoun offers a detailed series, Biblical Monotheism Examined (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11; Appendix A, Appendix B). Then we have two rebuttals: Revisiting the Issue of Allah Praying and Worshiping Like His Creation by Sam Shamoun in answer to Ibn Anwar. Mutee'a Al-Fadi rebuts a posting found on the website of the Muslim Debate Initiative: The Qur’an – The Preserver of Previous Scripture. Over the last several weeks, the issue of an early Bible manuscript found in Turkey and allegedly supporting Islam has been pushed in various media outlets. A 1500 year old Gospel found in Turkey? collects the essential evidence that this is most likely a modern forgery rather than an ancient manuscript. Although most of our materials are written for Muslims, the following is specifically for Christians to be informed and to take action. Though providing no real evidence, for centuries Muslims have accused Christians of having corrupted the Bible. (This matter is discussed in detail in many articles found here.) As ludicrous as it sounds, and this is truly sad and shameful, in recent years some Christians have made efforts to make Muslims feel good by ... producing corrupted Bible translations, made specifically for Muslim consumption. This has been going on for some 15 to 20 years "undercover" but now that the evidence about these translations is coming out, Christians who love God's Word need to speak out about it and hold the responsible organizations accountable. Therefore, we encourage our Christian readers to consider supporting the petition titled "Lost in translation" (*) organized by Biblical Missiology and others. Our Reviews section provides evidence for the necessity of this campaign. This present update adds two new documentation files by Adam Simnowitz dealing with mistranslations of passages in Romans and Galatians as well as Luke 1:26-35.

26 February 2012
Roland Clarke ponders Life’s Great Riddle: Elusive Hope of the Hereafter. Sam Shamoun gives evidence that The OT Prophets Testify that the Messiah Is Equal to God the Father! (Part 1 Part 2) and presents research from Gordon Nickel’s book Narratives of Tampering in the Earliest Commentaries on the Qur’an. Dallas Roark looks at Some Paradoxes of Islam. A total of eleven rebuttal articles to the two Muslim polemicists Paul Bilal Williams and "Question Mark" are provided by Sam Shamoun and Keith Thompson:–  [A] Rebuttals to "Question Mark": (1) Jesus as Divine Judge, (2) Greenhorn’s War on Allah and his “Messenger”, (3) Revisiting the “Where Did Jesus Say ‘I am God’” Argument.   [B] Rebuttals to Paul Bilal Williams: (1) Jesus Christ – Our Lord And Our God!, (2) Jesus Is Lord Indeed! (Part 1, Part 2), (3) The Muslim Abuse and Misuse of Modern Biblical Scholarship, (4) How Good Logic Leads to Good Theology And to a Rejection of Islam (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), (5) Jesus is Able to Forgive Sins Because He Is God the Son!, (6) Revisiting The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, (7) Taking Another Look at the Quran’s Contradictory Creation Accounts, (8) Contra Paul Williams on the Death Penalty for Apostasy & Christianity. Then another rebuttal to Ibn Anwar: Does the Immediate Context of Hebrews 1:8 prove that Jesus is God? (Part 1, Part 2). Finally, the article Muslim Dawagandist Shabir Ally’s War With Himself exposes another case of manipulation of the Bible for the sake of Muslim propaganda.

16 January 2012
Sam Shamoun provides two rebuttals to specific Muslim attacks on the Bible: The Lamb Slain From the Foundation of the World! and Does God Command Men To Avoid Women In Order To Be Saved?

14 January 2012
Dallas Roark asks, Why do Muslims Hate the Jews? Silas’ article, Real Islam, Violence, and Sheila Musaji investigates the question: Is Violence Integral to Islam? Sam Shamoun provides plenty of articles answering to claims by Paul Bilal Williams: (1) The Quran’s View of the Holy Bible Revisited (Part 1, Part 2), (2) Mike Licona Responds to Williams, (3) Do Muslims Worship Allah Alone? – The Problem of Grave Worship in Islam, (4) Addressing Paul Williams’ False Accusations (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6), and (5) The Proclamation of Acts: Dealing with More of Paul Williams’ Biblical Distortions. Finally, for good measure, A Leading Muslim Taqiyyist Strikes Back! answers to Sami Zaatari on a related issue.

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