of sins and everlasting salvation cannot be obtained by those methods which are taught in the religions of the heathen, nor even by the means by which our Muslim brothers seek to gain these blessings. Nor has human reason or philosophy succeeded in finding for men the way of salvation. We have examined all these various attempts to heal the disease of the human spirit, and have found them unsuccessful. There is then no way of salvation for men, except that one way which is borne witness to by the Old Testament prophets and clearly set forth by Christ and His Apostles in the New Testament. That is to say, only through the atonement which the Lord Jesus made on the cross for all men, and through a living faith in Him as the one Saviour of the world, can any human being obtain salvation and remission of sins. Accordingly I have endeavoured in these pages to indicate to the honoured reader the one and only way of salvation which the Most Merciful God has revealed, and to lead him to the Fountain of Life from which I myself have humbly and thankfully drunk, to the quenching of the thirst 1 of my spirit. If you therefore, reader, have been taught by God's Holy Spirit and by the voice of conscience to feel the burden of sin, if you recognize its evil consequences and the terrible ruin which it involves, if you have awakened from the sleep of carelessness, then, I pray you, hearken to the voice of God Most High speaking to you in the

1 According to Christ's own gracious promise in John iv. 14.



holy Scriptures, and walk in the way of salvation which God Himself has so clearly pointed out in the Gospel. Turn with sincerity of heart unto the Most Merciful God, and entreat Him to open the eyes of your spirit and of your understanding, to enlighten you from on high, to set before you the lamp of His heavenly grace, to guide you into the way of life eternal, and to bestow upon you faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ, that thus you may with all your heart put your trust for time and for eternity in Christ's atonement, and may accept with humble thankfulness the salvation which He freely offers to all believers. Thus you will become an heir of that true, eternal, pure and spiritual happiness, which alone can satisfy the yearnings of men's hearts.

If you study the New Testament prayerfully and thoughtfully, and if with sincerity of heart you pray to God for guidance, then assuredly the most gracious and Most Merciful God, who wishes 1 all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth, will give you the light of His heavenly grace and enable you to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, and so to attain to eternal salvation. You will then obtain remission of all your sins and will gain true and eternal happiness. Then you will recognize that what has been written in this book regarding salvation and its blessed results is all true; and you

1 1 Tim. ii. 4.