IN this chapter we shall deal with two subjects: (1) The nature of sin; (2) Its results.



Before treating of this subject we must from God's word state particulars regarding the first sin and its results, i.e. that of Adam and Eve; for by this means we shall well comprehend the nature and consequences of all other sins. And, in order that we may properly understand Adam's sin and his fall from his first state of honour into his final condition of dishonour, it is necessary to know what that state of honour was. Therefore, before describing Adam's commission of sin and his expulsion from Paradise, we shall speak of his creation and his first condition according to the word of God. By the word of God is meant the Law and the Psalms and the books of the Prophets and the Gospel. A full account of their truthfulness has been given in the Balance of Truth.


In the first book of Moses it is thus written (Gen. i. 26-31; ii. 7-9, 15-18, 21-5).1

And concerning Adam's sinning and his expulsion from the Garden of Eden it is thus written (Gen. iii. 1-fin).2

It should be known that, with reference to Adam's original state of honour and his final condition of dishonour, we have no reliable information except what is given in these verses of the Taurat (Law of Moses), since in ancient histories and the traditions of other religions there is either no correct information about Adam or, if any is given, it is derived from this very ancient book of Genesis, or again consists merely of curious myths about the first man, whose name they give differently in different accounts. This will be clearly evident to every one who compares with these verses of the holy Scriptures the tales in the books of other religions and the traditions of Muslims. But, since Adam's first condition is only briefly described in these verses, some explanation is needed that their significance may be properly understood. As, however, a detailed account would be too long, we shall explain them concisely as far as may be necessary, contenting ourselves with a statement about the manner of his creation and original condition and his sin and its consequences.

1 This passage should be given in full in the text when the Path of Life is translated into Oriental languages.
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