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THANKS and praise are due to the One, Holy, Eternal God, the Ancient of Days, the Merciful One, who, having embraced and replenished both worlds with the light of His love and mercy, poureth it into the hearts of those that seek Him, and with comfort of heart and true rest rewardeth and honoureth those who journey towards the world that passeth not away and who travel towards the last of everlastingness. Glory be to Him who, having turned men's faces away from this carnal world of suffering towards that world of spiritual delight, maketh them joyous with true happiness and inward joy, and causeth them to rejoice in hope of eternal glory. Yea, to the mighty God, who through His boundless mercy hath provided for mankind eternal salvation and everlasting glory, and hath declared it by means of His prophets and apostles, be praise and honour for ever.

Whoever has attained to this degree of the knowledge of God, and, having pondered the yearnings of his own heart, has become desirous of this heavenly joy and glory, will in the first place inquire,