214 The CORÂN
CXXX.—SURA LXVI., v. 13[12].

سورة التحريم

وَمَرْيَمَ ابْنَتَ عِمْرَانَ الَّتِي أَحْصَنَتْ فَرْجَهَا فَنَفَخْنَا فِيهِ مِن رُّوحِنَا وَصَدَّقَتْ بِكَلِمَاتِ رَبِّهَا وَكُتُبِهِ وَكَانَتْ مِنَ الْقَانِتِينَ

And Mary the daughter of Imran, who preserved her virginity; and We breathed into her of Our spirit, and she attested the words of her Lord and His Scriptures, and was amongst the pious.

CXXXI.—SURA IX., v. 113[111].

سورة التوبة

إِنَّ اللّهَ اشْتَرَى مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ أَنفُسَهُمْ وَأَمْوَالَهُم بِأَنَّ لَهُمُ الجَنَّةَ يُقَاتِلُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ فَيَقْتُلُونَ وَيُقْتَلُونَ وَعْدًا عَلَيْهِ حَقًّا فِي التَّوْرَاةِ وَالإِنجِيلِ وَالْقُرْآنِ

Verily, God hath bought from the believers their selves and their wealth, on the condition of paradise for them, if they fight in the ways of God:—and whether they slay or be slain, the promise of God thereupon is true in the Tourât, and in the Gospel, and in the Corân.

This verse occurs in the last Sura given forth by Mahomet, and at a time when Islâm had by the aid of the sword spread itself over the greater part of Arabia.

Possibly allusion may be made to passages in the Bible where a spiritual conflict, eg., "the good fight of faith," is spoken of. For the inculcations of the Gospel will be observed by the serious Mussulman


materially to differ in this respect from those of the Corân. The weapons of Christianity are spiritual. Force is not to be used in its propagation. When Jesus stood at the judgment seat of Pilate , he said:—MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD: IF MY KINGDOM WERE OF THIS WORLD, THEN WOULD MY SERVANTS FIGHT THAT I SHOULD NOT BE DELIVERED TO THE JEWS, BUT NOW IS MY KINGDOM NOT FROM HENCE. This remark is added only to guard the Mussulman reader against the possibility of believing that the Gospel in any way countenances fighting or compulsion for the furtherance of religion.