The Corân: Its Composition and Teaching;
And the Testimony It Bears to
the Holy Scriptures

‫بسم الله

Reference: Sir William Muir, The Corân: Its Composition And Teaching; And The Testimony It Bears To The Holy Scriptures, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, England, 1878, 239 pages.

Background:  This book offers insights into the composition and teaching of the Qur'an with special reference to the testimony of the Qur'an to the Holy Scriptures.  This book effectively shows that Muhammad taught that the text of the Old and New Testament are authentic and not corrupted. Thus, Muslims cannot logically claim that the OT or NT were corrupted unless they believe that the Qur'an is erroneous in its evaluation of the Old and New Testament scriptures. 

Note:  The text of the HTML and Zipped files is the same.  The pagination for the HTML and Zipped files corresponds to William Muir's book.  This is done to facilitate reference to Muir's translation. 

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