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The occasion for this work is the need of a new edition of THE TESTIMONY BORNE BY THE CORÂN TO THE JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES, published at AGRA in 1855. The second edition of this treatise (ALLAHABAD, 1860) being out of print, the author was asked to bring out a third, and in doing so to preface it with some account of the CORÂN itself, and the system founded thereon.

What has been now attempted will, it is hoped, prove of some service by way of introduction to the study of the CORÂN.

I have to express my obligation to Dr. Weil for his admirable introduction to the Corân;* from which I have freely borrowed, although from some of his views on the teaching of the Corân and the prospects of Islam, I have felt bound to dissent.

The "TESTIMONY OF THE CORÂN," above noticed, has been translated and published in various oriental languages. It is here reprinted, with but a few corrections and amendments, as the SECOND PART Of this work.

W. M.

LONDON, 17th May, 1878.

* Einleitung in den Koran. Von Dr. Gustave Weil. Zweite verbesserte Auflage. Bielefeld und Leipzig, 1878.