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26 March 2015
Today we want to point our visitors to a few important publications (both Christian and secular) found on other websites. By now, ISIS has murdered thousands of Christians in the Middle East and committed unspeakable atrocities — from burning a captured soldier alive to the crucifixion of Christian children. In February, ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya according to their own propaganda video. We have come across a tract written by some Christians in response to last mentioned atrocity asking the members and supporters of ISIS, and in fact everyone, some relevant questions: Two Rows by the Sea (also available in Arabic). Mark Durie wrote on Challenging Islamís Warrant to Kill. The Atlantic has published a thorough analysis of ISIS that is well worth studying: What ISIS Really Wants [21 pages], and we want to offer our readers a quick one-page synopsis of that article as an appetizer and stepping stone towards the original detailed publication.

14 March 2015
Adrian ponders the Muslim terror attack against Charlie Hebdo: #JeSuisCharlie versus #JeNeSuisPasCharlie — How to stop the war between Secularism and Islam. Dallas Roark contributed Why Do Muslims Hate Christians? and Confusion in Islam: Which Gabriel do you trust? Roland Clarke suggests fruitful ways to engage with Muslims in meaningful conversation: A Heart for Eternity, and Mighty to Save. Sam Shamoun contributes a substantial number of articles on christological topics, i.e. the question of the identity of Jesus Christ, the central issue of discussion between Christians and Muslims: An Articulation of the Doctrine of the Glorious Incarnation, Jesus Saves Exactly the Way God Saves, Worshiping the Lord Jesus as Jehovah God Almighty, Worshiping Jesus as God — Refuting another Anti-Trinitarian Objection (Part 1, Part 2), The Incomprehensible and Omniscient Son of God, God Alone is Good (Part 1, Part 2), The Messiah Most High Part 1a, 1b, Part 2a, 2b, The Coming of Israelís Divine Shepherd King (Part 1a, 1b, Part 2a, 2b), More evidence that Jesus is infinitely Better And Greater than Muhammad. Finally, a rebuttal to the MDI (Sami Zaatari), Even More Proof that Jesus is God Incarnate! (Part 1, Part 2).

19 January 2015
With the article, Kareem Abdul Jabbar Ė Islamís Most Valuable ‘Useful Idiot’, Silas evaluates and rebuts a particular reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attack. Moreover, he discusses Islam's and Christianity's different concepts of God's rule in this world in and/or through believers in the article: Jesusí Kingdom Versus Muhammadís Kingdom [Is ISIS Islamic? ó Part 1]. Sam Shamoun exposes Islamís Bad News versus the Good News of Jesus Christ (Part 1, Part 2) and contributes Seeing the unseen God Ė Addressing a typical JW objection to the Deity of Christ (Part 1, Part 2). Roland Clarke helps us Reflecting on 2014 and proposes a Fish tank parable illustrating God's power to save.

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