Updating the Answering Islam CD

Frequently Asked Questions

Some more detailed explanations to the procedure outlined on the Update Page.

How can I copy the content of the CD to my harddrive?

Because of the autostart function of the CD, the main problem for some people may be to open the CD to see its content instead of starting the browser with the Answering Islam Home Page. You may only need the hint in point 4. below to know what to do. We will, however, describe the complete copying process in detail.

  1. Insert the Answering Islam CD-ROM into your CD-drive. (Close the browser with the Answering Islam site.)
  2. Create a new folder on your harddrive and name it "AI-CD". Open this folder (it is currently empty).
  3. Find the icon "My Computer" on your desktop and double click on it. It will show all your drives, including the CD-drive.
  4. Instead of double clicking on the CD-drive (which would probably just autostart the CD-content, i.e. bring up again a browser with the Answering Islam start page), click on it just once with your right mouse button. At the top of the appearing menue, you will see the options "autorun" and "open". Choose "open". You will then see all the content of the CD listed in a new window.
  5. Position and resize the two windows of the directory AI-CD and of the CD-drive in such a way, that you can see them both and can drag content from one to the other.
  6. At the top menue bar of the window for the CD-drive, go to "Edit" (left mouse button) and click on "Select all". Now, you will find all of the CD content marked.
  7. With the left mouse button click on any one of the items in the CD-drive and keep the button pressed and drag this item over into the directory AI-CD, releasing the button only after you are over that AI-CD window. Since all items were marked, the whole content will follow and the complete CD will then be copied to your AI-CD directory.

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