Update (November 2003): Because of various attacks on the Answering Islam website we are now blocking excessive downloads. Progressing at normal reading speed, you can access every page of the site, but downloading of a large number of pages in a short time will no longer be possible.

Why order the Answering Islam CD when I can just download the site?

For most people around the world this is not an option, because they only have slow and expensive internet connection.

Some people are fortunate enough to have a fast connection (DSL at home or at work, university accounts, etc.) and/or a flat rate so that they don't have to pay for online time. Why should they not just download the site to their harddrive?

Apart from the fact that downloading some 350 MB in more than 15,000 files is still a hassle with a fast connection, here are some of the reasons:

The CD-edition contains more than 55 MB of material which is not part of the online version of Answering Islam. There are some very good articles and other essential resources which are available on other sites. We do not duplicate them by integrating them into our site but just link to them. When reading articles and researching resource materials online it doesn't matter whether the material we recommend is located on Answering Islam itself (and you follow an internal link) or our links lead to some other website. But when working offline, or in areas where our site or their site may be banned by Islamic censorship it makes a big difference to have it all available in one place and properly interlinked. Various other sites and ministries have allowed us to include some of their material into this CD. Therefore, with the CD-edition you get a well-rounded package. Your personal download will be much inferior to it.

We have made the CD very cheap because we want to give it the widest possible distribution. We will certainly not become rich through the sale of these CDs. We will not even be able to pay for the time that went into its production if we were to evaluate it with a commercial mindset. But whatever funds are generated by the sale of the CDs will help us to continue the ministry of Answering Islam in its many facets, including the distribution of the CD for free in countries where this material is considered illegal and censored.

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