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Because God was his "Father"?

Al-Kadhi asked :

"Is Jesus (pbuh) a divine son of God because he called God "Father"? Well, how do all Christians refer to Him?"

By proving with Scripture that those who do the will of God are His children, Al-Kadhi shows us the very thing in which muslims err.

Muslims think that God had to engage in the procreative act with Mary in order to be Jesus' Father. But the words of Jesus show that this is impossible, since "God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must do so in Spirit and in truth."

Going on, Al-Kadhi shows that Job was the father of the poor, and Joseph the father of Pharaoh. Again this clarifies the nature of the father-son relationship as more than a physical one, but one where help, care and guidance are offered.

In the gospel of John, we read of the children of God:

"To those who received Him (Jesus) He gave the right to become children of God, not born of the flesh or human desire, but born of God."

In fact, when Jesus called God His Father, He said explicitly, "No one has seen God except the one who came from God, even the Son of God." And Jesus had the right to reveal the Father to whomever He chose. Thus it is by faith that we are God's children, not by the flesh.

The details of Jesus' relationship to the Father in particular of all the children of God are more intimate, since it was through the Son or the Word that God created all things, and for the Son were they created. When God says in Genesis "Let us create man in our image", He is giving His Son a gift - the very thing which is above all things, a reflection of Himself.

Such an honour, to be made in the image of the true and perfect Son of God, should not be scoffed at, not belittled. Especially in light of that original Son's willingness to die for the copies of Himself. So God has humbled man.

Yes, God is Jesus' Father and that makes Jesus His Son, equal in nature and being:

"I and the Father are one."

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