Surat Al Wilayat

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              Surrat Al Wilayat 7 verses
               Saintly (Patron) Chapter

           On the name of the all merciful God

1   You who are believers, 
    believe in the prophet and the saint (patron, God-man)
      "which is Ali Bin Abi Taleb, Mohammed cousin" 
    which we sent, they will guide you to the strait path.

2   A prophet and a saint "belong to" each other, 
    and I am the all knowing, the experienced.

3   Those who do (obey) God's covenant they "deserve" comforting paradises.

4   And those who if it read to them our verses, they contradict it.

[Meaning: If somebody (unknown) were to read the verses (from the Qur'an) 
          to them, they reject would it.]

5   They have a great (big) place in Hell, 
    if they called in the day of judgement:
    where is the unfair, the contradictory for the messengers ?!

6   The messengers don't leave them "without" the truth, 
    and God "will not allow them"
    to win (appear, show) till a short time.

7   Praise your lord "and" thank "him", and Ali "Ali Bin Abi Taleb, 
    Mohammed cousin" "one" from the witnesses.

Source: "ALThWRh AL'YARANYh FY MYzAN AL'sLAM" (The Iranian revolution in the balance of Islam), published in Egypt.

This sura is also discussed on these Muslim web sites: [*, *] with further references to its documentation. There are severe doubts though about the authenticity of al-Wilaya (as a true Qur'anic sura) but the authenticity question is irrelevant in regard to the challenge of the Qur'an to bring a sura like it. Any text outside the usually accepted Qur'an is admissable to the contest of the Qur'anic challenge.

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