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The validity many things are in question .However the current Quran is the most complete literature in the world.The Bible contradicts itself.For example the story of Adam and Eve is one model that destroys the validity of The Bible .In the Bible Adam and Eve are expelled from heaven because the apple was taken from the tree of knowledge .In essence the Bible claims that education ,knowledge is a sin thus you yourself are in contradiction to the bible.Due to further our mind we are all sinners according to the Bible. I have yet to get a correct explanation to this question .

(An) Answer:

I am not sure I really understand what the question is. But I want to answer to what I think it might be.

Qur'an and Bible both have several verses where it says that "God created heaven and earth" and these terms of contrast mean is a way of expressing that God created "everything". When an invitation is extended to "the rich and the poor" this does not mean that the middle class is excluded but that all are invited. In a similar way, the expression "knowledge of good and evil" in the story of creation and fall of mankind (Genesis 2-3) means "knowing everything."

It is the human pride and desire to be like God (Genesis 3:5), to know everything and through this to be independent from God (being his own god) which is the sin the Bible talks about.

Yes, we are commanded to seek knowledge and wisdom, but it has to be in the fear of the Lord. Many passages in God's word admonish us to do so. Read Proverbs 9:10, Proverbs 2-3 to understand this better.

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