... Anyway, I read the question asking if God died, and the answer. My question is: Why, since God created everything, did He become human in the first place? He knows everything, so what is the purpose?

Peter Ballard responds:

The classical argument is:

1. God views sin seriously, and a price must be paid to atone for sin.

2. Only a human may pay it, because it is humanity which has sinned.

3. Only God is able to pay it, because humans are imperfect.

4. Therefore the only way that humans' sin may be paid for, is by God becoming a person, and paying the price as a person.

We might also add that by becoming a man, God
(a) showed us how to live and
(b) partook in human suffering.
Therefore God is not a "do as I say, not as I do" God.

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