If you want to know if your question is really an honest question, you might want to ask yourself:

Do I really want to know the answer to this question? Will a good answer make a difference in how I view Christianity? Or do I not care really and this question is only cooked up in order to let Christians struggle with it and trying to make them look bad?

Have I honestly tried to give an Islamic answer to this question? For example: Will children who die as babies go to heaven or hell? This is a question which is equally important to Muslims and Christians. Have I tried [successfully or not] to find a satisfying and well researched answer to this question on the basis of my own faith?

For some other questions that relate to specifically "Christian topics" this is obviously not a valid test. But for many questions that will be so.

Usually such questions that can be expressed in a few lines, but I will not reject longer ones, since there are probably also some which need a longer introduction and explanation why this is really a question of importance to you.

But whatever it is, if you would say that it is a personal question of yours, then by all means send it in. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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