This is concerning the dress code in church (jeans, shorts, etc.), and a passage in the Bible (in Corinthians sp?) that(paraphrased) men shame themselves if they cover their hair while praying in church, and women should cover their hair, and not wear make-up and other things, I'll have to look it up. So, I am wondering if what is in the Bible concerning these things does not apply to today's times, or what? In fact, I never knew this was in the Bible until recently. The Pope wears a little hat, Bishops wear big hats (sorry, I don't know what they are called). What is your response to this?

Nobody has taken upon himself to write an answer directly for this above question, but I found an article relevant to it at the Biblical Studies Foundation site: What is the Head Covering in 1 Cor 11:2-16 and Does it Apply to Us Today?

Please keep in mind that I am a fallible human being and I am trying to answer to the best of my knowledge -- which is not perfect. I do not claim to be right in all I say. I am always glad about corrections to my answers or a renewed question that asks for more clarification where I stayed unclear.

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