The Question:

okya... every christians in this whole world celebrates their good friday.. juz' to remembered the death of jesus on the cross... and in bible (i forgot wich part) does tell us all that he is in grave for about 3 days long.

the question is... why jesus lost from his grave in sunday? well... you see as the bible said... jesus was graved at night (after some translation on the bible) of friday... he still there on saturday... and also at night but already gone at sunday? this means he only in grave for one day and two night... not that 3 days!

can you tell me what happened here?

(An) Answer:

In Jewish custom any part of a day is counted as a day. A day ends/starts not at midnight but at sundown [around 6 p.m.]

Jesus died Friday late afternoon, so was dead for part of Friday    [day 1]
he was in the grave all Saturday                                    [day 2]
and rose from the dead early Sunday morning, 
but remember "Sunday" (better: the first day of the week)
started Saturday at 6 p.m., i.e. Jesus was in the grave 
part of Sunday                                                      [day 3]
which together makes  3 days.

We cannot impose our modern day way of counting on the Jewish way of expressing things.

Hope that explains it.

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