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The following pages have been added newly or substantially revised during the year 2005 at the following dates:

December 29, 2005
Some notes on a Muslim website's appeal to Hans Küng's opinion on the prophethood of Muhammad. Sam Shamoun discusses a Muslim response in regard to The Confusion Concerning Identity of the Spirit and Gabriel in the Quran, and out of this discussion resulted two more pages: A new Qur'an contradiction, Can Angels take away life?, and an observation regarding the vastly differing translations of S. 17:85, What is it that the author of the Qur'an does not want to talk about? The article, Analyzing Muhammad's Love-Hate relationship with Poets was added to the section of Muhammad's inconsistencies. Islam and the Gospel of God by H. Spencer was added to the Classical Library.

December 22, 2005
Roland Clarke's article, Eternal Hope, examines our longing for life beyond death. The same author also reflects on a current struggle regarding Christmas in the public square: Christmas: Controversy or Consensus. Sam Shamoun clarifies three more questions regarding the Bible: How can Jesus be God when he will be in eternal subjection?, How can Jesus be God, when he calls the Father the only true God?, God's Promise to Abraham's Offspring: Singular or Plural?, added a section to his exegesis of Psalm 110:1, and responds to Zawadi's alleged false prophecies in the New Testament as well as to MENJ's alleged Bible contradiction concerning the burning of the temple in Jerusalem.

December 15, 2005
James Arlandson examines The freedom of Christ and the law of Muhammad. Mutee'a from Saudi Arabia tells his story of becoming a follower of Jesus. Sam Shamoun answers a number of questions about the Bible: Why did Matthew not record even a single one of Jesus' "I AM" Sayings which are found in John's Gospel?, The authenticity and implications of the baptismal formula in Matthew 28:19, A Misquotation of the Old Testament in the New Testament? Today we start a new section on Myths, Legends and Fables in the Qur'an. Besides providing links to some earlier articles on this issue, there is now an Introduction, outlining the Qur'anic data, and a small article on Solomon’s Flying Carpet. Finally, a compact reference index to Biblical Stories in the Qur'an was incorporated our Index to Islam. After some years without changes, the French section is coming alive again with a new look, and some new materials.

December 9, 2005
In one way or other, the first three articles all deal with the topic of Muhammad usurping geographical or theological territory of the Jews and/or Christians: Islam's belated militant and mystical claim on Jerusalem, The Significance of Abraham, and Muhammad's changing of the Qiblah. An addition to the series of answers to common questions: Did Jesus become the Son of God only through his virgin birth? Two more rebuttals to claims by one Muslim polemicist: Muta: Osama Abdallah's hopeless struggle (round 3) and Does the Quran permit sexual relations outside of marriage? Finally, the article, Lofty claims about 'Iram, was updated with a quotation from an early Muslim source, which utterly destroys another alleged "miracle of the Qur'an". Since there was a glitch in our latest update of the Answering Islam CD-ROM we are now offering a new and corrected one.

December 1, 2005
This simple Timeline of the Islamic Crusades should easily dispell the myth of a mostly peaceful spread of Islam and that Muslims have always been the victims of aggression. The remainder of this update will deal with alleged Bible contradictions. Should or should we not trust a/the son of man? The article, “Saviour” or “Saved”? What is the Meaning of Jesus' Name?, answers another Muslim attempt of denying Christ’s work of Redemption. Some recent correspondence: Do "contradictions" invalidate faith in Christ? A discussion about Osama Abdallah's new hobby, Splitting Hooves, and clear answers to a long list of More Alleged Bible Contradictions.

November 22, 2005
This update deals with various aspects of the (lack of) rights, status and treatment of women in Islam. James Arlandson presents his Top ten rules in the Quran that oppress and insult women. Sam Shamoun's series Women in Islam ([Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3]) discusses many subtopics in great detail. Mary, Muhammad's Concubine responds to a Muslim denial that Muhammad had sex with slave girls who were not his proper wives. A follow-up rebuttal to Osama Abdallah regarding the issue of Muta: [Part 1], [Part 2].

November 14, 2005
Muhammad claims to be God's final prophet and also taught that the Messiah had already come. Sam Shamoun expounds on this self-destructing claim in Jews, the Messiah, and the Prophet of Islam, and in a rebuttal to O. Abdallah he examines the issue of Mut'a (temporary marriage in Islam). The truth about Muslim-Christian marriages is the next installment in James Arlandson's series on women in Islam and Christianity. With adding Part Three, the book Will Islam Be Our Future? is now complete. Two additions to the Classical Library: The Origin of the 'Id Al-Adha and The Origin and Nature of the Muslim Friday Worship which is an unorthodox but interesting opinion on the reasons for Muhammad's choice of Friday as the day of Muslim assembly.

November 4, 2005
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Quran and in the Bible is a thorough discussion of the topic in response to a Muslim reaction to an earlier article on our website. Part Two of Will Islam Be Our Future? A Bible Commentary on 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 which is used as a prooftext for the accusation of a Christian Missionary Deception. Two classics by Arthur Jeffery, a renowned 20th Century scholar of Islam: The Foreign Vocabulary of the Qur'an and The Mystic Letters of the Koran. Despite considerable efforts on our part to determine the elusive date of Dr. Jeffery's birth (amazingly difficult) and death (that had not been easy either) we had no option but to list his biographical dates as (18xx - 1959) for many years. This mystery is finally solved.

October 28, 2005
Part One of Will Islam Be Our Future? is now complete. Polygamy in the Quran is part of James Arlandson's series on women issues in Islam. The articles, As-Samad: The Quran's Teaching on Islamic Monotheism and Ahad: Monotheism vs. Eloquence of the Quran, both discuss some strange features that are found in Sura 112. Can there be a son without a consort? presents a curious observation on the misguided Muslim polemic that God can't have a son without having a wife. Alfred Guillaume's Classic, The Traditions of Islam: An Introduction to the Study of Hadith Literature, is now available in our Library. The articles and books that were published on our site since June are included in the latest update to the Answering Islam CD-ROM (37 MB of material, 25 MB zipped). Finally, some instructions on how to access Answering Islam when your ISP blocks it.

October 18, 2005
Why did Islam spread so fast? David Wood examines a number of reasons in Don't Lose your Head! James Arlandson looks at A strange divorce and remarriage law in the Quran. An entry on the function of a MUHALLIL was added to the Index to Islam. Sam Shamoun answers the objection, God spoke through his Son only "in these last days", thus he could not have been the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament, and expounds on The Quran's Use of Filial Terms: A Critique of Muslim Arguments against Jesus being the Son of God. After going pregnant with this idea for a long time, a new member has been birthed into the family of Qur'an Contradictions: How many mothers does a Muslim have? Four more chapters are added to the book, Will Islam Be Our Future? The first six chapters (143 pages) of Volume 1 of Theodor Nöldeke's Geschichte des Qorans (in German), and Samuel Zwemer's Studies in Popular Islam were added to the Classical Library. Another sample from our Email Dialogs: The Confusion of the Trinity & the Beauty of the Qur'an

October 10, 2005
James Arlandson discusses Slave-girls as sexual property in the Quran. Sam Shamoun expounds on two crucial issues of Christian theology: Jesus' Pre-existence and The Eternal Generation of the Son, and examines objections to the Christian understanding of Psalm 110:1 — A look at Its Implications on God as a Multi-Personal Being and upon the Deity of Christ. The next three chapters of Will Islam Be Our Future? examine the identity of the Dajjal, Islam's coming Antichrist. In our Classical Library, we added an article discussing the identity of "The Book" of the "People of the Book", and the "O" and "P" entries of Hughes' Dictionary of Islam.

September 29, 2005
Several articles in today's updates deal with the topics of Women, marriage and sexuality: Women are inferior to men in the Quran, "Plowing fields" and marrying little girls in the Quran, The Quran’s Confused Stance on Sexual Ethics, The Holy Bible on the Age of Marriage. A different topic: Will Islam Be Our Future? Chapters five, six and seven of this book examine the identity of the Mahdi, the coming world ruler according to Islam.

September 21, 2005
How can we test truth claims? Dallas Roark discusses the matter of validating or falsifying claims in The Issue of Truth in Islam. James Arlandson examines the sources and trustworthiness of Muhammad's revelations in Apocryphal gospels in the Quran and Facts vs. revelations in the Quran. Chapters two, three, and four were added to the book, Will Islam Be Our Future? We continue the series on common questions: How can Jesus be God when he denies being all-powerful?, Jesus wept, slept, was hungry and thirsty, but God never sleeps, thirsts or hungers, and Jesus allegedly emptied himself of Deity, which is impossible for God to do.

September 11, 2005
Do the Authentic Teachings of Islam Result in Terrorism? ([Part 1], [Part 2]) answers to a challenge by Jalal Abualrub. Added a link to a review of Dr. Andrew Bostom's The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims to the entry JIHAD. James Arlandson explains How Christ fulfills the Old Testament (an analysis of Matthew 5:17-20). Is the Injeel less or more trustworthy than the Quran? The third installment now concludes Farooq Ibrahim's series on this question ([Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3]). Over the next couple of weeks we will make available a book on the endtimes, comparing the Biblical and the Islamic view of the Last Days, which will result in some astonishing discoveries. Today, we begin with Chapter 1: Why This Book? Waking Up To The Islamic Revival and the Appendix: Embracing Biblical Eschatology. Two additions to the Classical Library: A. J. Wensinck's article on Wine in Islam and Monsignor Ignazio de Metteo's Tahrif or the Alteration of the Bible According to the Moslems.

September 6, 2005
The first four articles examine aspects of Muhammad's encounters and relationship with the spirit world and the possible sources of his revelations. James Arlandson compares How Jesus and Muhammad confronted Satan. David Wood raises a number of important issues in A Bewitched Prophet? Examining Muhammad’s Psychological and Spiritual Stability. Samuel Green updated his article, Muhammad and the Satanic Verses, with further material. Moreover, Abolishing what Satan proposes? — A Fresh Look at the Reason for Abrogation in the Quran. To provide easier access to these articles, our Index to Islam was expanded with an entry on the topic MUHAMMAD AND SATAN. The rest of today's additions are related by the common theme of justice, equality and consistency. The research for the article, Unjust Punishments: Examining the Quran's Ruling on the Consequence of Premeditated Murder, resulted also in an update of the entry UNBELIEVERS in the Index to Islam, and the creation of the entry EQUALITY. Finally, one of our recent email dialogs: Are Muslims honoring the Koran when they criticize the Scriptures of the Bible?

August 30, 2005
Farooq Ibrahim continues his series on the question, Is the Injeel less or more trustworthy than the Quran? ([Part 1] (previous), [Part 2] (new)). Sam Shamoun examines some of Shabir Ally's latest claims and charges in "More Evidence of Shabir’s Inconsistency: An Analysis of Shabir Ally’s debate with Dr. Anis Shorrosh" ([Part 1], [Part 2]), and added a new section, Shabir on God and Wine, to his paper responding to Shabir Ally's Favorite Questions. The Qur'an teaches that Allah is a deceiver. To detract from this problem, Muslims sometimes point to passages that seem to say something similar about the God of the Bible. Sam Shamoun discusses these passages in Does Yahweh Really Deceive? One of our authors, James Arlandson, clarifies his personal motivation in Why I write hard-hitting articles on Islam and explains his rules of dialogue for those who want to correspond with him.

August 20, 2005
Dawud Jabal compiled Some of the Commands of Jesus, the Prophet. Samuel Green answers to the often-asked question, How Can One Man Pay for the Sins of Another? James Arlandson evaluates Allah’s Wars and presents his Top ten reasons why sharia is bad for all societies. E.M. Wherry's article, Some Unfounded Moslem Claims, was added to the Classical Library. How did Christianity arise according to Islam? David Wood's article, Deceptive God, Incompetent Messiah, reveals one of the most glaring absurdities of Islam. The article, Mysterious places, persons and events, is an addition to the discussion on the Incoherence of the Qur'an, and The (Self-)Assessment of Prophets: Humility or Arrogance? takes up one question seeking to cast doubt on the authenticity of the Torah. Already some days ago, we added several new sections to Sam Shamoun's discussion of Some More of Shabir Ally's Favorite Questions, and David Foster's short observation on Ahmed Deedat's Missing Virtue.

August 16, 2005
Contradictions in the Qur'an are the focus of today's update. We revisit some older contradictions by adding further details to the discussion: [1] A new article on the well-known issue of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Sister of Aaron provides fresh source materials, [2] the entry, Wine - good or bad?, was updated with new arguments. [3] The Quran on Muslims Entering Hell (Part 1) is a detailed discussion of Surah 19:71, and Will all Muslims go to Hell? (Part 2) answers to a Muslim response to an earlier article regarding this same verse. Moreover, we present several contradictions in the Qur'an that have not been discussed before: [4] Does Allah command to do evil?, [5] Warners Sent to All Mankind Before Muhammad?, [6] Who Was the First Muslim? are all in the category of internal contradictions. [7] The Quran, Moses and the Tablets of Stone, [8] A Flood in the time of Moses?, [9] Who Adopted Moses: Pharaoh’s Daughter or Pharaoh’s Wife?, [10] The Quran’s Mistakes regarding the Biblical Patriarchs, [11] Solomon Working with Demons, [12] Were Believers Called Muslims Before the Time of Muhammad? are six further issues on which the Qur'an contradicts the Torah/Bible. Samples from recent Email Dialogs regarding Muslim responses to articles that deal with problems in the Qur'an: Abrogation in the Qur'an, Critique by a Shia & Why don't you talk to one of our scholars?, Can the Quran Be Understood by non-Arabs?

August 8, 2005
Since Ahmed Deedat died this morning, we have updated our recent article, Deedat's Downfall, accordingly. What is Jihad all about? The mass media are sending too many conflicting messages about this topic and bring more confusion than clarification. What do the authoritative sources say? James Arlandson's article, Jihad: The truth about the rules of Islamic warfare, will be helpful to gain a clear understanding. Farooq Ibrahim shares his personal struggle with the question, Is the Injeel less or more trustworthy than the Quran? Another entry for the series on common questions: How can Jesus be God when the Hebrew Bible says God is not a man? Several articles about problems in the Qur'an: Was Gabriel really an angel? will be quite a surprising discovery to many. Yet more instances of the unintelligibility and incompleteness of the Quran are discussed in the article, The Journey By Night, Ahmad and Zaid. Plenty of Quranic Fables and Islamic Myths raise serious questions about the origin and credibility of Islam. Finally, Muslim polemicist Osama Abdallah is still in pursuit of sexual perversions: Osama's Dirty Lies.

August 1, 2005
James Arlandson discusses The law of retaliation in the Quran and early Islam. In the article, Islam Has No Father, Silas reflects on the consequences of Islam's spiritual power lacking the attribute of fatherhood, an essential characteristic of the Biblical God. Is Muhammad predicted in the Gospel of John? The book, A Topical Study of the Qur'an, provides a helpful overview on the message of the Qur'an. Finally, Margoliouth's discussion on the identity of Harut and Marut was added to the Classical Library. Today is the start of the Thai language section of our site.

July 23, 2005
Muhammad’s critics and their deaths: Why the West must protect freedom of speech. Sam Shamoun's article, Muhammad's attempt of damage control, provides background information that is necessary to understand Sura 3:7. Related to this is another addition to the Qur'an Contradictions section: Is Jesus God or Not? Did Muhammad break the Ten Commandments? An Examination of Muhammad’s Marriage Privileges. Finally, The Muslim Art of Vilification — Of Women, Dogs & Islamic Prayer is an answer to a Muslim attack on one of our email dialog samples.

July 15, 2005
Islam's Rule of Thumb: The Resurrection Versus the Qur'an In the Light of Logic presents a comparison of the best arguments for Islam and Christianity. An open letter to moderate British Muslims and a link to a newspaper article, Where is the Gandhi of Islam?, was added to the section on Islam & Terrorism. James Arlandson discusses another aspect of Islamic law in Muhammad, the Quran, and Prohibition: Islam's punishments for drinking and gambling and Sam Shamoun provides more background on the issue in Islam and Wine Consumption. The discussion of Psalm 137 in Some of Shabir Ally's Favorite Questions was updated. Samples from our Email Dialogs: What is the difference between the experiences of Moses & Muhammad?, Is Islam Truly Woman-Friendly? (includes responses to a whole list of other questions as well). Two additions to the Classical Library: Samuel Zwemer's Translations of the Koran and the letter "N" entries of Hughes' Dictionary of Islam.

July 11, 2005
Update on Ahmed Deedat: Once in a while we are asked whether the (in)famous Muslim debater Ahmed Deedat is dead or alive. In various places, even on some Muslim websites, one can find claims that Deedat has died (e.g., *, *, *, *, *, *, *). This is not true. If Deedat had died, one would expect to find obituaries for him all over Muslim cyberspace. This is not the case. The following three articles will give some background information why it has become so quiet about this man: Personal letter to Deedat (November 1993), Open letter to Deedat (August 1994), and finally Deedat's Downfall, a summary article reporting the consequences of persistently ignoring God's warning, and Deedat's current condition.

July 8, 2005
David Wood speaks about The Two Faces of Islam and about the strange phenomenon that Islam apparently seems to benefit from terrorism in some unexpected ways. Mohammed the prophet versus the prophets points out some crucial differences between Muhammad and the biblical prophets. Allah's Oaths discusses a quranic feature that stands in stark contradiction to God's way of speaking in the Bible. The article Muhammad and the Jews traces the history of hatred for Jews in Islam. Zaid, Zaynab and Muhammad examines one Muslim attempt to justify a rather questionable action in Muhammad's life.

July 1, 2005
Sharia sure ain’t gay evaluates how Islamic law treats homosexuals and presents Jesus' alternative. The "Mystery" of PBUH Revealed [Part 2] answers to a Muslim response to an earlier article. The entry on PBUH and SAW / SAS in the Index to Islam were greatly expanded. Two of our recent Email Dialogs: Should Christians use the formula "PBUH"? and Who has tried to change history?

June 24, 2005
Various Muslim groups are working busily to introduce Sharia courts in many countries. Crucifixion and mutilation? — Just say NO to Islamic law! examines the punishments laid down in Sura 5:33. Islam Beheaded — The Death of Mohammedanism and Muhammad's Low Opinion of Women are the first two contributions of David Wood. Sam Shamoun discusses the question, Is Jesus God because he did mighty miracles?, and in the companion article, Muhammad and Miracles, he analyzes Muslim arguments for Muhammad's supernatural feats. Finally, there are reasons to wonder about Sunni Islam's Real Shahadah.

June 12, 2005
Is the Qur'an Preserved? examines a theological problem resulting from the Muslim claim of Qur'an preservation in combination with an alleged Bible corruption. The Quran as a Confirmation of the Holy Bible (a handy list of references). The Arabic edition of Ibn Abi Dawud's Kitab Al-Masahif is now available. Sam Shamoun raises a number of questions about the quranic creation story in Allah, Adam, and the Angels. Is there an Evolution in NT Christology? — Analyzing Muslim Claims That the Christological Portraits of the Bible Are Contradictory: [Part 1], [Part 2]. Recent Email Dialogs: Answers to a Muslim Critic and Questions to ask a Muslim.

June 6, 2005
Muhammad's Dead Poets Society examines various instances of assassinations of critics upon the order of the prophet of Islam. The Hajj and Does The Latest Revelation Equal Truth? are some new samples of recent Email Dialogs. The Forgotten Wives: Explaining Away a Quranic Oversight answers to Jalal Abualrub's attempt to resolve another problem in the Qur'an. The next online update to the Answering Islam CD-ROM is now available.

May 29, 2005
A Brief Explanation of the Trinity should be helpful as a starting point for exploring this important Christian doctrine. Ahmadiyya in the Balance gives a quick overview regarding the most critical claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of this highly active Muslim sect. On Abrogation and the Relationship between Islamic and Mosaic Law and its companion article Muhammad and the Mosaic Law respond to some more claims made by Jalal Abualrub. DESECRATION is a new entry in our "Index to Islam" that provides links to some articles responding to the recent Muslim riots because of an alleged Qur'an desecration.

May 22, 2005
Come, ye sinners, get flogged and stoned in Islam! Two of our recent Email Dialogs: A question on Homosexuality and Is monogamy dangerous? Sam Shamoun examines The Myth of Islamic Tolerance and, answering to a Muslim's response, revisits the relationship between Hubal and Allah. A new entry to the list of Qur'an Contradictions: What will be the food for the people in Hell? With the addition of the final two chapters (VII, VIII) and the bibliography, Samuel Zwemer's classic, The Moslem Christ, is now complete. Today, Bismikaallahuma published another polemic against the Gospel of Mark. As it did not take more than a couple of minutes to refute, we included it into this update as well: No Need to Correct the Prologue of Mark.

May 14, 2005
Dallas Roark discusses the question: Is there a true religion? The article, How Birds Fly, adds a new topic to our section on Qur'an & Science. The letter "L" entries are now available in Hughes' Dictionary of Islam. A very rare book, C. G. Pfander's Remarks on the Nature of Muhammadanism, was donated to our Classical Library. A response to yet another Muslim polemic: Is the Bible Contradictory Regarding Paul’s “Target Audiences”? A new page of links to "secular" (non-religious) websites providing critical material on Islam.

May 8, 2005
Ridley Scott's monumental movie, "The Kingdom of Heaven", suffers from a severe historical imbalance. Muslim Crusades vs. Christian Crusades and The Ultimate Goal of Islam address this blind spot. The "Mystery" of PBUH Revealed: Allah's Prayers For Muhammad Examined. Another response to Jalal Abualrub, answering his polemic against the genealogy of Jesus ([Part 1], [Part 2]). A couple of days ago, Part 2 of Sam Shamoun's answer to Yahya Sulaiman was updated with a postscript. The letter "K" entries were added to Hughes' Dictionary of Islam.

April 29, 2005
The sword of Jesus and the sword of Muhammad is a comparison study of Surah 8:12 and Luke 22:36. Email Dialogs: What is the point in reading the Bible? Yet Another Follow Up Response to a Muslim's Continuing Denial Regarding the Quran's Confirmation of the Holy Bible: [Part 1], [Part 2]. An addition to the Classical Library: The Bible, the Koran, and the Talmud. A new entry on SPITTING was added to the Index to Islam. Two responses to Jalal Abualrub's attack on a minor question, "Is Allah's Day 1,000 or 50,000 years long?", found in our section on Qur'an Contradictions: Stretching It - Abualrub's Rubberband Theology and Jalal Abualrub's "pack of lies".

April 24, 2005
Today is the 90th Anniversary of the genocide of Armenians by the Turks. In rememberance of this gruesome history a link to the article The Jihad Genocide of the Armenians was included into a new entry in the Index to Islam: GENOCIDE. Arthur Jeffery's translation of selected suras of The Koran (with explanatory footnotes) was added to our Classical Library. The letter "J" entries were added to Hughes' Dictionary of Islam.

April 20, 2005
Who suffers loss if Muhammad was wrong? exposes a glaring error and contradiction in the Qur'an. Thieves, give Muhammad a hand! discusses one aspect of excessive cruelty in Sharia law. A Million Dollars for "Holy War" responds to Dr. Jamal Badawi's misinformation campaign regarding Islamic Holy War. Volume 4 of E. M. Wherry's Comprehensive Commentary on the Qur'an was added to our Classical Library.

April 13, 2005
A new overview article on Women in the Qur’an. Email Dialogs: Did Muhammad deal justly with his wives? Sura 52:21 raises the question: Did Allah forget the wives? Sam Shamoun presents Jesus as Yahweh God: Another Rebuttal to a Muslim's Denial ([Part 2], [Part 3]). The "Index to Islam" was extended by various entries connected with Islam and various Muslim groups in CHINA and the CHAM of Cambodia and Vietnam. The letter "I" entries were added to Hughes' Dictionary of Islam.

April 4, 2005
Is Mary a member of the Trinity? Do Jews believe that Ezra is the Son of God? — False and Misleading Statements in the Qur'an. Another addition to the ‘Common Questions’ section: Since God cannot change, but Jesus did, how can he be God? Ibn Kathir's discussion of friendship with unbelievers was added to the entry FRIENDS in the "Index to Islam". Does Islam improve on Christianity? — Muhammad fails Jesus’ simple test of fruit inspection, which is reinforced in a new article on Muhammad's use of torture. A follow-up response to Osama on the issue of the Spirit: A Brief Rebuttal to Anti-Missionary Attacks on the Trinity.

March 28, 2005
Islam and the Setting of the Sun (Examining the traditional Muslim View of the Sun's Orbit) was added to the section on Qur'an & Science. Two entries were added to the Index to Islam: On The Golden Rule which is missing in Islam, and on Amina Wadud, the first woman to lead prayers in a mixed Muslim congregation. Chapter VI, on the Teaching of Jesus according to Muslim tradition, was added to Samuel Zwemer's classic The Moslem Christ.

March 22, 2005
"The Holy Spirit in Christianity and Islam: Examining the Evidence which proves that the Spirit is God" (Part 1, Part 2) is Sam Shamoun's rebuttal to a Muslim polemicist's denial of the deity of the Holy Spirit. The article, Examining Some More Evidence for Muhammad Being Deceived, looks at the Islamic criteria regarding demonic influence on a person. Dallas M. Roark reviews Imam Mohammad Jawad Chirri's book Inquiries about Islam.

March 14, 2005
Email Dialogs: (1) God's eternal existence as a tri-unity answers to a question by a Muslim reader, asking "Where Jesus was before God created anything?" (2) The authenticity of the Bible are five rounds of discussion on this and other topics. James Arlandson presents his Top ten reasons why Islam is not the religion of peace. Argument: Doesn't the Bible degrade women, placing them on the level of animals and possessions? Muhammad and Aisha Revisited: An Examination of Muhammad's Marriage to a Prepubescent Girl and its Moral Implications. Some notes about Islamic Scholarship on the Issue of Incest and Sodomy.

March 6, 2005
Basics of Christian faith: The article The Bridge to Eternal Life: A Summary of the Bible's Message was revised and expanded. Answers to the common argument: Since the Bible says that God has never been seen, Jesus cannot be God! [Part 1], [Part 2]. Chapters IV and V were added to Samuel Zwemer's classic The Moslem Christ. Some comments on A Moderate Muslim's View of the Bible. James Arlandson points out the basis for the Islamic human bombs in Islamic Martyrdom? What a bargain! Sam Shamoun presents The Uncreatedness of the Quran and the Unity of Allah: A Brief Critique of Islamic Monotheism.

February 25, 2005
Argument: Paul says there is only one God, and that is the Father, ... this means that Jesus is not God. Another controversial topic by James Arlandson: Domestic Violence in the Quran. Some short notes on the apparently never ending issue of the alleged corruption of the Bible: So Say Muslim Sources. Jalal Abualrub, an Imam at a mosque in Florida, has started a Crusade against Answering Islam. Therefore we now open a new section of responses to his publications. The first articles respond to Abualrub's attack on Wail Taghlibi's article "One Adam or Two?" Jochen Katz looks at Abualrub's methodology in The Appearance of a Scholar, while Sam Shamoun offers a detailed rebuttal discussing the fine points in "The Prostration to Adam — A Quranic Problem" ([Part 1], [Part 2]). Additionally, Allah of Islam: Is He Yahweh God of the Bible? examines Abualrub's arguments for equating the God of Islam with the God of the Bible.

February 18, 2005
Common Questions / Objections: Jesus said that all authority was given to him, ... which means that Jesus cannot be God and The Bible says that God cannot be tempted, yet Jesus is said to have been tempted ... A rather questionable act of Muhammad is discussed in Revisiting Muhammad's Marriage to His Adopted Son's Divorcee, Zaynab Bint Jash. Two articles by a new contributor, Dr. James Arlandson, who examines a certain aspect of Muslim hate speech in Did Allah transform Jews into apes and pigs?, and he compares two ‘sword verses’ in Jihad : Quran 9:123 vs. Matthew 10:34. Added a link to an article about Islamophobia. Occasionally people ask how they can support the work done by this site. It is now possible to encourage us with a donation via PayPal.

February 8, 2005
The article Nearing the End? is now revised and updated in regard to the devastating tsunami six weeks ago. How can Jesus be God when he says that only God is good? answers to a very common misunderstanding of a statement by Jesus. A rebuttal to one Muslim polemicist's "Top Ten Reasons to Reject Jesus' Divinity". To the discussion of Qur'an and Science, we added a short note on Zaid ibn Amr ibn Nufail's Cosmological Views and Their Influence on the Quran.

February 2, 2005
Answers to Common Questions / Objections: Jesus says that the Father is greater than he is, proving that he is not God. A second part was added to the discussion of a historical error in the Qur'an: Israel's Response to the Covenant. Sam Shamoun answers two Muslim polemicists regarding The Diatesseron And Its Witness to the authority of the The New Testament Gospels and A Follow Up Response to a Muslim's Denial Regarding the Quran's Confirmation of the Holy Bible.

January 27, 2005
Sam Shamoun begins a new series of "Answers to Common Questions": If Jesus is God ... how can God die? (Who was running the universe those three days that Jesus was dead?) and If Jesus is God ... whom was he praying to? are the first installment. Due to a Muslim response to an earlier article, there is now further discussion on a historical error in the Qur'an: Israel's Response to the Covenant. One addition to the section of Email Dialogs: The Bible is not authentic since there are so many versions.

January 9, 2005
A couple of comments on Death Threats. Two additions to the Email Dialogs: Jesus: His birthdate and the Sign of Jonah and Qur'an and the number 19. The next online update to the Answering Islam CD-ROM is available.

Articles newly added in 2004.

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