1. Laying the Foundation

The Reason for this Controversy

Where and How Do the Bible and the Qur'an Differ?

What Today's Islamic Propagators Say About the Bible and Jesus

... and what the Qur'an Says About the Bible

Our Response to Muslim Attacks on the Bible

Inspiration and Revelation

The Islamic View

The Biblical Concept


2. Islamic Allegations against the Bible

How the Bible was Transmitted

Reasons for Difficulties in the Bible

Problems that Arise from the Manuscripts from which the Bible was Translated

Problems that Arise from Inaccurate Translations

Problems that Arise from False Interpretation of the Bible

Problems that Arise from a Wrong Conception of the Bible

Problems that Arise from Our Defective Knowledge of History, Geography and Usage of Language in Bible Times

Problems that Arise from the Ignorance of Conditions Under which Revelation was Given and Written Down

Problems that Arise from the Limitations of Our Minds to Comprehend Divine Thought

Problems that Arise from the Dullness of Our Spiritual Perception

The New Testament Documents

Interpolations and Omissions in the Bible

Contradictions in the Bible

Two Differing Genealogies of Jesus

Most of the Other Contradictions are Based on Numbers.

Other Contradictions

Evidences which Support the Divine Origin of the Bible

Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy

Still Unfulfilled Prophecy

Eye -Witness Reports




The Gospel of Barnabas


The History of the Gospel of Barnabas

The Islamic Challenge

The Christian Answer to the Islamic Challenge

Problems in the "Gospel of Barnabas"


3. Islamic Allegations Against Jesus And The Atonement

Islamic Objections to the Trinity

Muslims Claim that the Concept of the Trinity is an Invention of the Church

The Concept of the Trinity was Progressively Revealed in the Old Testament

The New Testament Testifies to the Triune Nature of God


Qur'anic Objections to the Divinity and Sonship of Jesus

What Muslims should know about Jesus in the Qur'an

The Bible Teaches the Divinity of Jesus

Problem Texts which Seem to Contradict the Above Verses

Jesus - The Son of God

Islamic Objections to the Crucifixion

The Sign of Jonah

How was Jonah in the Belly of the Huge Fish?

How Long was Jesus in the Grave?

Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?

A Biblical Reply

Islamic Objections to the Atonement


Muslim Allegations

The Conceptional Problem of Muslims

Does this Doctrine Provide a Licence to Sin?

A Law Cannot Justify a Sinner

Faith Alone Leads to Justification

It is True that Christians are Not Under the Law

How Can a Righteous and Holy God be Forgiving and Merciful?

4. More Questions that Demand an Answer

Have Christians Made Jesus to be a Universal Prophet?

Islam Denies the Universality of Christ

Islam Places Muhammad in Christ's Position

Islam Argues That Christ is Nothing More Than a National Prophet

An Illustration


Do Christians Believe in "Inherited" Sin?

Why are there so Many Different Versions of the Bible?

Is Muhammad Mentioned in the Bible?

The Old Testament prophecy of "The Prophet"

Is the name "Ahmad" found in the New Testament?

Why do Christian Fail to Follow Biblical Forms Of Worship?

Why are Christians Worshipping God in Many Different Churches?

Is Christianity Based on "Pagan Origins"?

Should a Christian Argue about his Faith?