In this compilation of evaluated statements and facts there is much material that is apt to upset the Muslim reader greatly. You are not requested to accept them blindly! But we beg you very sincerely to check on the factual truth of these statements without "interpreting" them away.

Maybe you will find that some are based on error or on sources that are not trustworthy, but you will have to consent to the truth of others.

Again we beg you and challenge you to form your opinion only after having read through all the information. Let no one put you off by arousing your emotions: "This man viciously attacks our Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran!" If these attacks are vile, untruthful and not substantiated - why get alarmed? But what IF the subject matter is documented, true and substantiated? Can any seeker after the truth base his hopes for time and eternity on religious traditions and slogans?

You are entitled to use your own discretion. Grant no one to be your "soul guide". You are entitled to form your own opinion - and act on that. This may take time. It will take effort, and more: much open-mindedness and courage.

We cannot consent to what a Muslim friend of ours told us about a certain book some time ago: "The facts are right, but the interpretation is wrong." A proper interpretation is always based on facts. Of course, you can "interpret" adultery as freedom, or a lie as kindness to someone, etc. But this is dishonest, hopelessly biased, and shows a total lack of love for the truth of God and His standards. It is, worst of all, cowardice. It is easy to consent with the masses and shout with the crowd. It takes a man of integrity to think what others don't, because he lives according to his own convictions and conscience.

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