"The Quran" with commentary by Yusuf Ali
"The Quran" interpreted by Arthur J. Arberry
"The Koran" with explanatory notes by George Sale
"The Meaning of the Glorious Koran", an explanatory translation by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall
"Der Koran" translated by Ludwig Ullman and revised and explained by Leo Winter
"Dictionary of Islam" by T.P. Hughes
"Sahih al-Bukhari" Hadis
"Sahih Muslim" Hadis
"Mishkat-ul-Masabih" collected by al-Baghawi and with comentary by Al-Haj Maulana Fazlul Karim
"Siratu'l Rasool" by Ibn Ishaq revised by Ibn Hisham
"The Sources of Islam" by W. St. Clair-Tisdall
"Mizanu'l Haqq" by C.G. Pfander
"The Light" by al-Haj Sultan Hafiz Abdul
"Islam" by Alfred Guillaume
"New Light on the Life of Mohammed" by Alfred Guillaume
"Antiquitates Judaicae" by Flavius Josephus
"The Origin of Islam in its Christian Environment" and
"Introduction to the Quran" by Richard Bell
"The Collection of the Quran" by John Burton
"Der Islam" by Emanual Kellerhals
"The Bible - Word of God or Word of Man?" by A.S.K. Joommal
"The Prophecies of the Holy Quran" by Q.I. Hingora
"The Perpetual Miracle of Muhammad" by Dr. Rashad Khalifa
"Al-Quran, the ultimate Miracle" by Ahmed Deedat
"The Gospel of Barnabas" as translated by Lonsdale and Laura Ragg
"The Little Green Book" of "Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini", Bantam Books

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