By Gerhard Nehls 
This is a fictitious correspondence to help promote better understanding between Muslims and Christians.
The name "ABDALLAH" is Arabic, and means "SERVANT OF GOD".
The name of the writer is from the Greek, and means "LOVED BY GOD" 
Letter 1
“...Is it not interesting to note in this context that every religion follows ritual practices, which signify cleansing?...”
Letter 2
“...Some critics also postulate that after the death of Jesus—his ascension to heaven they would discard as an impossibility and by that token a myth—Paul came and hijacked Christianity...”
Letter 3
“...How on earth can anyone be sure whether a Book comes from God, or is the perhaps well meaning composition of a concerned man who wants to reform a decadent society?...”
Letter 4
“...Regarding the content of the Qur’an, Christians obviously compare it with the Gospel...”
Letter 5
“...The most prominent argument for the alleged existence of then unknowable scientific data in the Qur’an, however, is gynacology, or more specific, embryology, the science of the conception and development of the human embryo in the uterus of its mother...”
Letter 6
“...The overruling question that arises is, where the love of God fits in here, and his mercy and grace, on which we all depend...”
Letter 7
“...A warrior takes bow and arrow, aims—and shoots. But the arrow misses! The purpose is not fulfilled. It does not really matter whether he misses by one millimeter or a kilometer...”
Letter 8
“...The tenet of our faith in God is that we can do nothing to earn eternal life, but depend on His rescue...”
Letter 9
“...Jesus, while on earth, displayed all the human characteristics. He was a baby and grew up with his parents. He needed food, drink and sleep...”
Letter 10
“...These words struck the painter at the very heart, for up to that point he had been a Christian by name only. He knew the stories about Jesus...”

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