Abu Ja`far Muhammad ibn Jarir at-Tabari. He was born ca. 839, Amol, Tabaristan, Iran and died 923, Baghdad, Iraq. At-Tabari was an important Muslim scholar who compiled one of the most extensive collections of scholars' opinions and is often quoted by later scholars. Through his quotations, Alfred Guillaume was also able to recover part of the missing portions from ibn Ishaq's biography of Muhammad which were removed in ibn Hisham's recension. His work helped to consolidate Sunni orthodoxy. More on him from the Britannica Online.

Do not confuse the above with

`Ali b. Rabban at-Tabari (died 855), author of "Firdaws al-Hikma" (AD 850) and "The Book of Religion and Empire" and various other works, a convert to Islam from Christian background who produced some polemical writings against the Christians.

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