Do Christians consider Pontius Pilate, and his wife, Saints?

According to a book entitle "Jesus Prophet Of Islam" (by Muhammad Ata'ur-Rahim and Ahmad Thomson):

"In the calendars of the Saints of the Coptic Church, both in Egypt and in Ethiopia, Pilate and his wife appear as ‘saints.’ This can only make sense if we accept that Pilate, knowing full well that his soldiers had made a wrong arrest, knowingly condemned Judas in place of Jesus, and allowed the latter to escape."

The key question is: Why do these Churches consider Pilate a Saint?

"Many strange legends concerning Pilate have been preserved.

Concerning these one commentator writes: "The disposition to represent Pilate as himself becoming a Christian explains, perhaps, the belief of the Coptic Church that he died a saint and a martyr."

His wife, Claudia Procula, according to the tradition, had already become a convert to the new faith, and on that account she is honored as a saint by the Greek Church." (Source)

The Coptic and Ethiopian Churches believe that Jesus died on the cross. Pilate is considered a Saint in these Churches because of his alleged later conversion to Christianity, not because of a conspiracy to execute another man (Judas) in the place of Jesus.

Book recommendation: Pontius Pilate by Paul L. Maier

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