He is a specially revered man who has fulfilled the greatest of prophecies in being renewed as the living Christ and the Messiah the world has been expecting to come, and is come, in the Person of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. (The Final Call, Oct 21st, 1997)

As the last page of _The Final Call_ declares in caps beneath a picture of Elijah Muhammad, "HE LIVES." Farrakhan writes: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I am here to declare, is risen. The Jesus you have been seeking and waiting for His return has been in your midst for 40 years, "but you knew not who He was." A Holy One was working among us, and it is only now, after He is gone, that we realize who He was. (Farakkan, "HE LIVES", "The Final Calls", quoted by Thomas H. Landess and Richard M. Quinn, Jesse Jackson and the Politics of Race (Ottawa, Illinois: Jameson Books, 1985), 94. ) It should come as no shock after the revelation that the one and only messenger for the black man is none other than Louis Farrakhan himself, the "Honorable Elijah Muhammad's National Spokesman." I, Farrakhan, have no power to give life. However, the voice of Elijah Muhammad coming through me is giving life to the entire Nation [of Islam]. I warn you that when you turn me down and refuse this truth, you are turning down the Lord, the Savior, the Messiah, and the Deliverer that you seek. This Deliverer is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. (ibid. )

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