Divination, or fal, with the Koran is similar to the istikhara, but goes a step farther. It determines not only whether it is expedient to do a thing, but it reveals the whole character and progress of the proposed undertaking. Some of the more progressive people say that the fal is now very little used, but careful inquiry shows that it has diminished only slightly in popularity. The diviner opens the Koran in the same way as for the istikhara but instead of reading the first words or statement on the page, he turns to the beginning of the passage. If it seems good it means that the beginning of the undertaking will be auspicious. He then turns to the end of the passage to learn what the, final outcome will be, and reads where he first opened to ascertain the character of the matter while in progress. The meanings are usually sufficiently ambiguous to be construed to fit any and every situation.

(Quoted from: The Koran as Magic)

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