Ar. Ijma/Ijmaa.

An agreement among all mujtahids (scholars) of the Muslims existing at some particular period, about a particular ruling regarding a matter or event. It has four requirements, which are

  1. a number of mujtahids exist at a particular time,
  2. all mujtahids of the time or period agree on the ruling,
  3. each mujtahid presents his opinion explicitly, by reference to legal decision or giving formal legal opinion,
  4. all scholars agree on the ruling.
When all the requirements are satisfied, the ruling agreed upon becomes a part of Law that is obligatory to obey and not lawful to disobey. Nor can mujathids of a later period reinterpret it (ie. ijtihad) and does not admit to being contravened or annulled. (Reliance, b7.1-2)

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