Actual headlines about the Holyfield-Tyson fight from actual newspapers around the country:

"A Bad Bite for Boxing"__The News & Observer of Raleigh
"Twice Bitten"__Times-Picayune of New Orleans
"Bite of the Century!"__Arizona Republic
"Bite Night"__Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader
"Tyson's Tasteless Tactics: Bite Night"__The Record of Hackensack, NJ
"Reality Bites"__Times Union of Albany, NY
"Did Tyson Bite Off More Than He Can Chew? Time Will Tell"__Salt Lake Tribune
"Tyson Subject of Biting Criticism"__The (Baltimore) Sun
"Biting Commentary"__The Boston Herald
"Tyson Bites the Dust, Holyfield"__Huntsville (Ala.) Times
"Holyfield May Take a Bite Out of Tyson"__The Indianapolis Star
"Earmarks of cowardice"__Houston Chronicle
"Earmark of an eerie night"__The Atlanta Journal and the Atlanta Constitution
"A two-bit bout: Holyfield wins"__Kansas City Star
"From Champ to Chomp"__The Herald-Sun of Durham, N.C.
"Holyfield Still Chomp-ion"__San Francisco Examiner
"Heavyweight Chomp"__The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Undisputed Chomp"__USA Today
"World Chomp"__The Sun (London)
"Requiem for a Chompion"__Philadelphia Daily News
"Sucker Munch"__The Sun (London)
"Biting Back: Evander has public's ear"__Daily News, New York
"Toss Tyson Out on Ear"__Daily News, New York
"Ear Flap"__Newsday
"Ears Have It! Evander Wins"__Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser
"Tyson's Behavior Hard to Swallow"__Providence Journal-Bulletin
"Dracula"__New York Post
"Champ Chewing Over Legal Options"__New York Post
"It's Tyson's Nature to (Ch)eat"__New York Post
"For Tyson, Tooth Hurts"__New York Post
"Now Ear This: Rematch is Possible"__New York Post
"Lobe Blow for Boxing"__The Tennessean
"Iron Mike Goes Down Biting"__The Sunday Oklahoman
"Tyson Doesn't Gnaw What's Next"__The Daily Oklahoman
"Ear of Scorn"__Kansas City Star
"Pay Per Chew"__Philadelphia Daily News
"Holyfield Lends Ear as Tyson Self-Destructs"__Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
"Ear-Responsible"__Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Mike Tyson Excuses"

10. Got a little carried away after seeing "Face/Off."
 9. Really wanted to win first prize on "America's Funniest Home Videos."
 8. Like this doesn't happen every year in the masters
 7. Whenever Moe bites Curly's ear, it's hilarious!
 6. Has to do this kind of thing to compensate for the fact he 
    talks like Melanie Griffith.
 5. I guess you've never heard of a little thing called "strategy."
 4. Ears is tasty!
 3. "It was self defense--he wouldn't stop punching me!"
 2. "Disqualified" sound better than "got his ass kicked all over the ring."
 1. He ran out of gum.

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