A Reading for the Day of Examination

And it came to pass that early on the morn of the last day of the term, there arose a multitude. And there was much weeping and wailing, gnashing of teeth and smiting of books, for the day of judgment was at hand, and they were sore afraid. For they had done those things which they ought not to have done, and had left undone those things which should have been done, and there was no help for many, for they would be undone.

And there were those abiding in the dorms, who had kept watch over their books at night, but it availeth naught. And still others abiding in far-off apartments sought solace from their spouses, but it availeth naught. But some there were who with smiles arose; they had prepared themselves and made straight the path of knowledge. And these wise ones were called "the curvebreakers."

And so they came, ready and unready, done and undone, unto the appointed place, and their hearts were heavy with them. And the came to pass, but some passed out. And many were they who repented of their riotous living, and bemoaned their fate; but they had not a prayer. And as they were sitting in fear and trembling, there came unto them the one known as "he of the diabolical smile," (that is, being interpreted, the professor), who said, "rightly you fear, for the Day of Examination is at hand. Behold, read and weep." And delivering up unto them the test, he went upon his way.

And many varied were the questions asked by the professor. But more varied were the answers which were delivered up. For some of his teachings had fallen upon fertile minds, and others had fallen among semi-fertile, while yet others had fallen flat. And some wrote much, though they knew little; and still others were wroth, for they knew nothing to write. Of these, many offered up a little bull as sacrifice, some a great bull; but it availeth naught.

And when the appointed hour was finished, they gathered themselves and their belongings together and departed every one in his own direction; and each vowed with solemnity unto himself, "I shall not pass this way again."

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