Is Muhammad predicted in Hindu Scriptures?

There have been quite a few of such claims pointing to different passages of Hindu Scriptures.
The newest one added to the list and currently promoted on Islamic web sites is the claim that

  • Muhammad is predicted as the Kalki Avatar

  • This claim has been posted on the Islamic and other newsgroups*:

      1. "... will be a man circumcised, keeping beard, creating a
      revolution, announcing the prayer-call, eating all kinds of 
      animal except swine.... they will be known as Musalman."
      [Bhavishya Puran/Shalokas 10-27]
      2. "A foreign spiritual teacher will appear with his companions. 
      His name will be Mohammad." [Maharisyi Vyasa/Bhavisya Puran/Prati 
      Sarg Parv III:3,3,5-8]

    Various newsgroup responses to the above were: [1], [2], [3], [4]

    There is strong evidence that these prophecies are not authentic. The factual basis for the rejection of these "prophecies" is given in Prophet Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures? and we offer also a response to Misha'al Al-Kadhi's similar claims.

    The most detailed Muslim web page presenting these claims is Prophet Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures by Dr. Z. Haq (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Another series on the topic: [*, *]

    Despite the great Muslim effort to present this case, the evidence seems to be conclusive that these statements were inserted into the Hindu documents after Islam spread to India. Muslims are advised to study this more carefully and not build confidence in their prophet on the basis of such fraud.

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