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Topic: Problems with the invisible God

Received: 10 November 2004

Subject: unsubstantiated claim

It utterly amazes me that you can spend thousands of man-hours of work and link hundreds of web-pages debasing the religion of Islam, but you can't step back and take your conclusions to their logical end. ALL religion is baseless and formed by humans, not just Islam, and including Christianity. You say..."It is so much easier to make an unsubstantiated claim than to disprove it." I say, Christianity is an unsubstantiated claim that requires proof. And make no mistake, the burden of proof is entirely on you, and none on me, for I do not make up stories of an invisible God, who sent his only son to earth to atone for all our sins, through a human woman whom which never had intercourse with, nor anyone else, and that this son performed many miracles, so many that his miracles in one gospel contradict those in another gospel. I do, however, think your website has a decent amount of reason and logic behind it and would like to hear how you prove that your God is the real God, or that he even exists, but you can not use the Bible to prove this. For, as you know, it is just bad form to use a primary source to prove that same source. By that logic I could prove that their was once a little girl named Goldilocks who ate the porridge of three bears that talked and lived in a house in the woods. How do I know? Because it says so in the story of Goldilocks. I do not intend to be condescending, I'm just honestly interested in whether or not you can take your claims to their logical conclusions. Sincerely, ...

Our answer:

Dear ...,

We do not make up stories about an invisible God. We are convinced that this God has revealed himself and that it is possible to examine that evidence. However, nobody can do everything. Our calling and our purpose on is to communicate, dialogue, discuss, and debate with Muslims.

Muslims and Christians share the common conviction that God exists, and that he has given revelation about himself and his will. Answering Islam works on that foundation. Our site is called Answering-ISLAM, and not Answering-ATHEISM.

Your critique/questions are carefully dealt with on websites written for that purpose. Let me recommend four such sites to you:

I think you will find those four sites quite thoughtful and giving good answers to questions like those that you have raised. They are good questions, and they are necessary questions, but I do not feel I need to redo the work that has already been done so ably by the authors of the above websites.

May the Lord give you a desire for truth that does not stop searching and questioning until you have found HIM who is the truth and satisfaction for our deepest longings.

Jochen Katz

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