Note: Abdul Saleeb does not longer have access to the email address that he used in the below discussions. He has taken on new responsibilities and is too busy to enter into correspondence at this time. This note is to save you disappointment for not receiving any answers to your messages.

A debate between Jeremiah McAuliffe, a Catholic convert to Islam, and Abdul Saleeb, a Muslim convert to Christianity about the book "Answering Islam" by Norman Geisler and Abdul Saleeb.

Abbreviations: JA = Jeremiah McAuliffe, AS = Abdul Saleeb, JK = Jochen Katz
The rest of the articles are presented in logical [usually also time] order. Jeremiah's articles are presented left bound, responses by Abdul or myself are indented.

Introduction - or how the thing started ... (JK)

Jeremiah's Response and questioning of Abdul Saleeb's identity and his book critique in:
Geisler-Saleeb Anti-Islam Book, Part 1 (1/3)
Geisler-Saleeb Anti-Islam Book, Part 1 (2/3)
Geisler-Saleeb Anti-Islam Book, Part 1 (3/3)

    A quick response by me (JK)
And the reply (JA)

Geisler-Saleeb Anti-Muslim Book Part 2 (1/2)
Geisler-Saleeb Anti-Muslim Book Part 2 (2/2)

Jeremiah's answer to the above four articles
Another response written before he saw the below two (JA) [but having received a private feedback to his first response which quickly made him work again...]

Geisler-Saleeb Anti-Muslim Book Part 2 (2/2) (JA)

And Jeremiah again

If you found this interesting and want to find out what the fuss was all about by reading the book, the cheapest source for buying this book that I have found so far is CBD.

Full bibliography:

Norman L. Geisler & Abdul Saleeb
Answering Islam: The Crescent in Light of the Cross
Baker Book House, 1993. 336p. $17.99
ISBN 0-8010-3859-6

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