Is Dr. Maurice Bucaille a Muslim?

Very often Muslims say something like the following email excerpt:

You may have heard about it already, but check out Maurice Bucaille's book "The Bible, The Quran, and Science". He did research the scientific accuracy of the Qur'an, and did so while he was still a Catholic. [...] the research caused him to convert to Islam. [...] nevertheless there are some points of his which are plain verifications that the Quran is the word of God.

I asked this person and in January 96 also on the Islamic newsgroup soc.religion.islam if there is anybody who can confirm with some facts that Dr. Bucaille is a Muslim, i.e. has anybody personally heard him say so? Does anyone know the name and place of the Mosque where he worships? Does Dr. Bucaille even state in any of his books that he became a Muslim?

But I did not get any response to these questions from any Muslim!

I also asked Dr. William F. Campbell, author of "The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science", if he has any information about this question and received his response on January 15, 1996 giving the following information:

At some time during his life, Dr Bucaille became the family physician of King Faisal. During this time he wrote his book, "The Bible, the Qur'an and Science", publishing it in 1975. I think that he wrote it in anger at the Catholic church, and then discovered that he could make a lot of money which he must have done considering all the translations his book has gone through.

Dr. Bucaille knows Catholicism quite well and quotes modernistic Catholic scholars. My interpretation, without personal contact with Bucaille, is that he was a fairly interested Catholic who discovered that priests were quoting the Torah of Moses as a valid authority on Sunday, and then writing articles on Monday through Saturday which showed they did not believe Moses wrote anything. This deception made him very angry. (I had this same experience when I was taught higher criticism as a young Protestant.) See Section Three, Chapter I in my book here on this web-site if you wish to know about these higher critical theories, which if true would destroy both the Bible and the Qur'an. Anyway, it is clear that he did not write his book as a believing Christian.

Known fact: The Muslim man whom I met in Tunisia in 1977, and who introduced me to Bucaille's book, told me that in 1976 Bucaille came and gave a lecture in Sousse, Tunisia. After the lecture my friend went up and asked him whether he had become a Muslim. Dr. Bucaille answered, "No."

Second known fact: At a public lecture in Fez Morocco in either 1981 or 1983, a friend of mine asked during the question period whether Dr. Bucaille had become a Muslim. Again Dr. Bucaille said, "No."

I sent Dr. Bucaille a copy of my book and I wrote him about various points three times, but he has never answered. A Catholic journal made a positive review of my book. Bucaille responded but his comments showed that he had not read my book carefully. In one instance his criticism was answered just a few pages after the page he quoted.

I have no knowledge as to whether he has become a Muslim since 1981, but I doubt it.

Please feel free to quote any part of this letter and especially the two known facts and dates.

William F. Campbell M.D.

If you do know more, especially if you know for sure that Dr. Bucaille did indeed become a Muslim after 1983 (which was already nearly 10 years after he wrote his book) please let me know by sending me an email.

Found in the catalog of the Islamic publisher and book distributor Pak Books in April 1998:

 BUCAILLE, M    BIBLE, QUR'AN AND SCIENCE       1996   254 P    5.95   1749

    Dr.Bucaille's study of scientific information in scriptures gave him 
    high regard for Qur'an and recognition of contradictions in Christian 
    scriptures. Yet he remained a Christian, but deeply respectful of Islam. 
    An invaluable work!   

I would certainly not see Dr. Bucaille as a Christian [where does he claim so?] but am glad that Mr. Ali Campbell, Manager of Pak books recognizes that Dr. Bucaille did not convert to Islam. Incidentally, the above is the cheapest price of this book that I have seen so far!

I have seen many books by Muslim authors, and even several Christian ones, containing the claim that Dr. Bucaille converted to Islam. But that was always a statement from others about him, who seemingly on the basis of his books concluded that he must be a convert. But I have never seen or heard a confession of conversion by Dr. Bucaille himself, whether on tape or in any of his writings. On the other hand we do have the above clear statement by himself that he is NOT converted. It is over 15 years old, but I have no newer and contrary information coming from his own mouth or pen.

Further discussion regarding Bucaille's alleged conversion can be found on this page.

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