Now, respected reader, we have together examined all the asserted proofs of the truth of Islam, and we have inquired into Muhammad's claim to be the Lord of the Apostles and the Seal of the Prophets. It lies with you to decide for yourself, in the sight of God who knoweth men's hearts, whether this claim is true or false. May God Most Merciful guide you to a right decision!

You have to choose between the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and Muhammad ibn 'Abdu'llah: between Him who went about doing good and him who is called the Prophet with the Sword: between Him who said, "Love 1 your enemies," and him who said, "Slay 2 your enemies and the enemies of God": between Him who prayed 3 for His murderers, and him who caused those who lampooned him to be murdered. You are doubtless aware of what kind were Christ's life and character, and you know that these form one of the most decisive of the proofs of the truth of His claims. "The Sun has come as the proof of the Sun: if thou seekest the proof of Him, turn not thy face from Him." On the other hand, you have seen what Muslim writers tell us of the life and character of Muhammad. You must now judge for yourself whether these were so very far superior to Christ's that you are justified in rejecting Christ, and entrusting your eternal salvation to Muhammad instead of to Him. You are aware that the Bible, the Word of God (كلام الله), teaches us that, in accordance with

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prophecy, Christ laid down His precious life for sinners and made atonement for our sins, whereas Muhammad died a natural death, and did not even claim to die for other men's sins. According to His own promise and the testimony of His disciples, Christ rose again the third day from the dead, and thereby proved that He had overcome 1 death. The grave and death still hold Muhammad.

At Medinah, between the tombs in which lie the bodies of Muhammad and Abu Bakr, there may be seen an empty grave, which Muslims call "The grave of our Lord Jesus, the Son of Mary". ' It has never been occupied. Its emptiness reminds the pilgrim that Christ is alive,2 while Muhammad is dead. Which of the two is the better able to help you? You have been taught to pray to God on behalf of Muhammad; so that you doubtless believe that he needs your prayers instead of being able to aid you. You believe that Christ will come again, and are not expecting His return with fear. We Christians too await His Second Advert with hope and joy, knowing. that His own promise 3 and that of His 4 angels will be fulfilled. We look and long for the time when the words of the Apostle shall receive their fulfilment:"5 Behold, He cometh with the clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they which pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth shall mourn over Him." Hence it is that, as that glorious day draws nearer and nearer, we are the more zealous to obey His parting command 6 and to proclaim the Good News to all creation. Our time here on earth is short, and yours may not be long. Hence, as dying men to dying men, we call upon you to turn to the Living God, the Holy, the Just, the Merciful. We pray you to accept into your inmost hearts Him who is the Light of the World, 7 so that

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