B-57 Amar Colony
Lajpat Nagar 
New Delhi-110024 (INDIA)


First Published in 1910
First Indian Edn. 1976


Published by Mrs Swaran Malhotra for 
Indo-Asiatic Publishers &
Printed at Taj Offset Press, 
Urdu Bazar, Jama Masjid Delhi-6




BY the desire of the Committee of the C.M.S., and in accordance with the recommendation of Missionaries of experience, this Revision of the Mizanu'l Haqq has been drawn up in English, from which language it was held that it might be more readily translated into various Oriental tongues than had it been composed in any one of them.

In order to facilitate translation, though writing in English I have endeavoured to preserve an Oriental tinge of style and argument. Oriental scholars will notice this not least in the Introduction, and to them it will not be necessary to apologise for the number of quotations from Eastern poets which the latter contains.

Dr. Pfander's Mizanu'l Haqq was composed in Persian and published1 in 1835. Numerous reprints and versions into other languages have since appeared, and some minor alterations have been made in the text, but this most valuable work has never been fully revised until now, in spite of the large number of attempted answers to it written by Muslims in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Turkish. Its revision was urgently needed, partly to bring it thoroughly up to date in reference to such matters as ancient MSS. of the Bible, partly to correct slight errors and ambiguities of language, and partly to remove all apparent ground for the attacks

1 Sir W. Muir's The Mohammedan Controversy. p. 20.