On September 8th, 1977, Ahmed Deedat debated with Dr. Shorrosh, a young Arab Christian, the claims of the Bible and of the Koran to be God's Word. The Debate took place in Birmingham Town Hall, 12,000 Moslems being present, but only 200 Christians. During the Debate a student from the Swansea Bible College to whom I had given photocopies of lectures on "Christ or Mohammed? - The Bible or the Koran?" took with him the challenge I present on pages 22, 23 to any Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, rationalist Bible critic, to prove:

that the Laws, which come to us in God's Name, and which make perfect obedience to His commands to love Him and our neighbours, the condition of Eternal Life; and pronounce His curse on every transgressor, are not Divine Laws, but forgeries in His Name (Deut. 6:5; Lev. 19:18; Lev. 18:5; Deut. 26:27);
that the claims of Christ, as presented to us in the gospels, to be the incarnate Son of God, and the only Saviour of sinners by His death and resurrection, were not made BY Him, but FOR Him, by His disciples, or Paul, or the early Christian communities (the latest theory);
that the many First Advent Messianic Prophecies, which history proves were all literally fulfilled in the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ, were not so fulfilled;
that the Jews forged evidences against themselves in support of the Christian doctrines of God as Triune; of Christ as a Divine-human Saviour; of the Holy Spirit as the Third Person of the Godhead, in the Old Testament Scriptures (Gen. 1:1-26; Is. 9:6; Ps. 110-4; Zech. 13:7; Is. 63:10; Ez. 3:24);
that in the case of Messianic Prophecies, they forged evidences against themselves of rejecting and crucifying their Messiah, and of His acceptance by the Gentiles (Is. 53; 4:7; Mic. 5:1; Dan. 9:26; Zech. 12:10; and Is. 42:1-6; 49: 1-7; Gen. 49:10);
that all the personal prophecies of Christ concerning His Church, the Jewish nation, and present day events and conditions, were falsely attributed to Him by His disciples, who, as forgers and deceivers, were nevertheless, able to secure the literal fulfilment of all those prophecies, and in the case of the Church - a continuing fulfilment for nearly 2,000 years - from the Day of Pentecost until our own day (Mt. 8:11; 13; 16:18; 24).

Having looked at these evidences, Mr. Deedat said: "I'm an old man; I'm 60 years old, and I cannot answer all those questions."

"That confession finished him," friends present told me. The Moslems refused to pay him the 25,000 promised had he not so greatly disappointed them. In their Video recording, they omitted all reference to this challenge, and Mr. Deedat's confession that he could not meet it.

Ahmed Deedat and the Scriptures

In his book "Choice" Mr. Deedat claims to have discovered 50,000 errors in the Bible. There is not one doctrinal error.

Since the Koran in 21 Suras, and 35 verses, says it was sent to confirm the Scriptures, this chapter of Deedat's is a charge against the Koran, of saying in 21 Suras, and in 35 verses, it was sent to confirm as "the unalterable word of God", a book containing 50,000 errors!

These Suras and verses are: "Adoration" v. 244; "The Cow", vs. 50, 70, 82; "Houd", v. 20; "Ta Ha", v. 133; "The Prophets", vs. 7, 49; "Al Furkan", v. 37; "The Ranks", v. 117; "The Believers", v. 56; "The Night Journey", vs. 2, 57; "The Table", vs. 19, 47-52, 72; "Mary", v. 31; "Iron", v. 27; "The Family of Imran", vs. 2, 22, 76, 78; "Cattle", vs. 92, 155; "Al Ahkaf", v. 168; "Counsel", vs. 16, 18; "Jonah", v. 94; "The Kneeling", v. 15.

In two Suras the Koran says it is no new revelation: "Al Ahkaf", v. 8, "The Made Plain", v. 43.

Four Suras say the Word of God cannot be changed: "Cattle", vs. 35, 115; "Joseph", v. 65; "The Cave", v. 26.

Since Moslems always in speaking to Christians say, "Your Scriptures have been altered since the Koran commends them as the word of God, and they appeal to Jn. 14:16 as a supposed proof, it is necessary to mention these four verses to them.

But it is necessary also to present to them the irrefutable evidences which prove our present day Scriptures are doctrinally the same as they were when Mohammed in 35 verses of the Koran, said it was sent to confirm them. To all the other evidences we gave in Chapter 8 of volume 1, we here add:



Taken from:
F.S. Copleston
The Testimony of Believers and Unbelievers to the Truth of Christianity
Islam's Challenge Series (Volume 2), Chapter 14, pp. 121-127.

Volume 1:
Christ or Mohammed? The Bible or the Koran?
ISBN 1-871703-00-X, First Edition 1989, Second Edition 1995

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