Contradictions in the ‘Gospel of Barnabas’

There are plenty of contradictions between the Gospel of Barnabas (GoB) and the Bible, between the GoB and the Qur'an (some are documented here), but on this page we want to document passages where the Gospel of Barnabas contradicts itself.

1. Jesus predicts his death

In chapter 193 the GoB tells its version of Jesus raising his friend Lazarus from the dead. In about the middle of the chapter we read:

Jesus having come to the sepulchre, where every one was weeping, said: ‘Weep not, for Lazarus sleeps, and I am come to awake him.’

The Pharisees said among themselves: ‘Would to God that you did so sleep!’ Then Jesus said: ‘Mine hour is not yet come; but when it shall come I shall sleep in LIKE MANNER, and shall be speedily awakened.’ Then Jesus said again: ‘Take away the stone from the sepulchre.’

In other words, Jesus says that, just like Lazarus, "he will die and after a few days be raised again from the dead."

How can Jesus predict this of himself when later in the ‘Gospel of Barnabas’ (chapter 216 & 217) it is Judas who is arrested and crucified in his place?

Since there is no doubt that the GoB is fake, we have never invested the effort to look for such contradictions. The above example was sent to us by a reader of our site. If you find more contradictions in the GoB, please let us know, so that we can add them here.

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